Thoughts are screaming as I think

Too real, it seems, too pink

Feeling the need to cry those rivers

Dammit, no control –

Watch me shiver

Stop telling me those lies

Just get to the point, don't try to hide

No identity, mommy's gone, daddy's drunk

No mass or density, c'mon don't get all flirty

I'll give you my very original hypothesis

Who cares about grammar and math and

Those curved lines named parenthesis

When the world's roaring with fake laughs

But seriously,

One does wonder how the sun still shines

When her best friend is about to die

It's common sense to know that

The murder's gonna be dirty

Too poor to buy soap to wash the knife

Haha, now that's just funny

Now if I,

Could fly,

To the sky,

It's any kid's dream

Most, I should say

Mine, for example

Life's already pretty dull

Please don't flame

Thanks and your welcome, but hey

Get the conversation started

Maybe we should go out someday

Yeah, Sunday seems okay

I'll see you at Fridays

Sun's set and the children sleep

Nightmares come and stay even though

Counting sheep is supposedly very happy

And joy,

Don't erase those memories I want to keep

But shit, my life's already drowning to the great deep

Black out with no candles

Much doubt, any hope is already blown out

And shackled tightly away

Hey, hey, hey

Now people say BGIF

Beep God it's Friday

Bad girl, don't swear

It's wrong to hear


I'm sitting at my keyboard

On AIM, typing

FFFFF!!!! Of course, don't forget


And LOL and WTF

I'm gone

I'm going left

When the world's going right.

World domination only for the best

Don't worry, I already aced that test.

A/N: Got the idea for the poem from my friends when talking on AIM. Good times :) AIM is a type of instant messenging chat, for those who don't know.