And in lament I find

The grandeur of 'intolerant':

Broken ears, chapping lips, hallowed eyes

'Sinless' thoughts, futile rage, wry demise

Despite the fight, the warmth of lies,

We burn, we break, we build, we buy

Oh politics of faultless guilt,

Oh wondrous land our fathers built,

Why stifle that with which we learn?

Why silence those who wait their turn?

For proof, for sooth, for righteous tides

Dark suits, recruits, our great disguise?

Watch the incognito bureaucrat

Who thinking backwards wishes that

He'd listened once to beggars, thieves

He'd seen through eyes of those who once believed

There was a hope left to be found,

There was a point to weathered sounds:

The anguish of the widow's cry,

The man who's let his tears run dry,

The child whose drooping lids won't close

Until she safely, soundly knows

The guns have all been put away,

That brother dear is home to stay

Through Luther's dreams, from Hester's seams,

The bruises seen through thinning jeans,

What is there left to understand?

As light sets in the foreign lands

Which ally's left to hold our hand?

A warning, bold, soul, please behold,

The breed that needs the freed who plead

Cease threatening that to which we cling

Cease shutting doors which often bring

Our civil freedoms to good use,

Our civil freedoms which reduced

Would serve no cause, satisfy no clause

For human nature's flaws

Are those that save us in the night

Are those that bring us courage when our rights,

Like 'senseless' laws are justly placed within the jaws

of rulers with ability to choose which views to lose

So, America, define yourself, America, make note to shelf

All doubts to oppress, all thoughts to suppress,

That which validates our liberty, pledges our faculty

To be free, to be free, to be free.