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Alone in a world where I don't belong
Ch. 1

Creamy clouds slowly drifted across the bright moon, casting streams of shadow. The chaotic howling wind rushed through the forest trees. No one dared enter the forest, especially at night, when it was most alive with mysterious beasts. The leaves rapidly cut through air, moving so quickly that it could be deadly to anyone in it's path. The uproar of the waken creatures of the night seemed to grow louder with each second. A dark cloud rose over the trembling trees. The roar of thunder echoed through the sky, the scent of sweet rain filled the air. A contradicting atmosphere, of fear and joy, was sweeping across the forest. The last crack of thunder sounded and all was silent. The wind was still, not a tree nor leaf dare move.

Once was a legend of an unpure child, conceived of evil, said to have been a mix of elemental races, a sin in itself. In that time there were four different races of elementals living among humans. Wind, water, fire, and earth. For one of the elementals to join with another of a different race and conceive a child was believed to be the ultimate sin. The punishment for such an act, the ultimate punishment, death.

Heavy footsteps of a curious man swept across the forest floor. Intone with the earth, unbreaking the silence. Emerald eyes gazed out across the surrounding area. He could feel it, the uneasy sway of the trees, the intense taste of fear and pain. He was one of the earth, you could see it in the way the earth moved around and with him, steady and equal. Dirt slightly shifted beneath him. The unusual atmosphere fueled his curiosity. His knee softly hit the ground as he bent down and pressed his hand to the moist soil. His heart jolted in his chest as there was a frightened scream. It wasn't just a scream, it was the crying of a scared child.

"A child..." the man softly breathed, his hot breathe collided with the cold air, forming a brief puff of steam.

As soon as his fingertips left the ground the leaves covering the ground began to flutter uneasily. The child's cry was louder and more shrill now. The man looked heavenward as he felt a soft gentle rain start to fall down upon him. A powerful breeze came flowing through the trees and swirled around the man.

"Show me... Show me the path to the child." The breeze hit the ground and began it's journey to the child.

Leaves rustled loudly as the wind brushed them to the side, forming one clear path of bare dirt. He began to follow along the path. His body was growing cold in the midst of rain and freezing air. The baby's pleas for attention continued. The forest quivered, giving him more reason to quicken his pace. His eyes followed the long path, looking for it's end. His breathing became more rapid as he started to run, constant huffs of steam flowed from his mouth. Sudden surges of ice cold pain coursed through his body as he made his way further along the path.

Relief filled his mind as the roaring sound of the strong breeze separating a path through the fallen leaves slowly died down. The path ended at a old small building. He knew it wasn't a house, it was too small to house even one person. Maybe it was some where to go to escape, to hide. Why would a baby be out here by it's self... and who would have left it? he thought, as he slowed his pace and walked to the door.

His heavy breathing and his heart beat were the only thing he could hear besides the whimpering baby. Without bothering to knock on the door, he slowly pushed the door open. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the crimson source of life, blood, flowing from what he thought looked like people's bodies. He cautiously stepped around the blood, careful not to step in it. His face went pale at the sight, a women with her back against the wall and a man's body sprawled out amongst her. He felt his skin crawls when his eyes fell upon the image of a new born baby laying in between it's parents' bodies. His eyes shut tight and he bent over, heaving loudly. There was no doubt in his mind, this family had been murdered.

The man's head shot up as a faint whimper of a baby called out again. His brows frowned deeply. The baby he saw was clearly not making the whimpering sound. A slight movement of the man's long trench coat, covering his motionless body, caught his eyes. Then he saw it, the small hand of another baby. He couldn't believe his eyes, but his touch did not deceive his. He swiftly pulled back the bottom of the man's jacket and laid eyes and hands on a small baby girl. He was not only shocked by the sight of her parents' and obviously her twin sibling dead, but he couldn't understand why she was the only one that was untouched.

The man carefully took the trench coat, that lay over them, and gently wrapped the blood covered baby in it. Cold chills ran all through his body. "Please sir..." After have heard the voice of a struggling woman, he jumped back fast, hitting his back hard against the wooden wall. His lungs were starting to burn, his heavy rapid breathing was starting to take it's tole on him. "Please sir. Who ever you are... please take care of our-" The woman's back was leaned against the wall, her head tilted down. She coughed loudly and spat up blood. "Take care of our baby... Take care of our... Icea."

He watched the woman closely as she forced her head back, up against the wall. His breath got caught in his throat as she opened her cold deep piercing blue eyes. He couldn't move while under her stare, he felt pined to the wall. "...Icea?" he spoke softly, as the woman's eyes slowly closed and he looked at the baby in his arms.

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