Alone in a world where I don't belong


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"Icea!" A man's deep voice shouted out.

"Yes... Kayton?" The young girl looked up at the tall man's strong featured face.

"Where were you all last afternoon and last night?" His features and frown may have seemed angry and stern, but his eyes showed endless compassion and concern. His glittering emerald eyes were connected with her dark grey eyes. They hardly ever noticed how content they seemed gazing at each other's eyes. Kayton admired how beautiful her eyes were. If you looked deep enough you could see a faint swirl of deep blue around the core of her eyes.

"Where was I?" She restated his question. She seemed to be thinking up an answer. "I was... in the forest, of course."

"So is that where you get the mud to track around inside the house?" A woman appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. Her eyes glance Icea up and down and she was clearly displeased by her facial expressions.

"Yes, Mayami, that's exactly where I get all the mud from to track around in this house, which by the way isn't even yours." Icea replied sarcastically, obviously not giving a damn about her. "But what's even more amazing is that you would actually be able to come up with such a great suggestion as that." She smiled widely at the young woman before turning to head for the only other exit out of the kitchen.

Kayton put out his arm, blocking the doorway, and wrapped his arm around Icea's waist, stopping her from leaving. "I don't understand why you two can't get along." His bright eyes went from Icea to Mayami, searching for any sign of change. "Icea... this is my future wife and you're my daughter. I've raised you since you were a baby. Mayami... I love you as well. I love you both. Something must be done in order to bring us together as a family."

As a "family"? Kayton... are you crazy? Pfft... that'll never happen. In fact, I guarantee it. Icea thought to herself.

Mayami didn't really seem to care about being a family. Her brief glance at Icea was still as cold and full of envy as ever. "Hmph... She's about 14 years old now. I say we let her go out on her own to find some other family to wreck."

"I'm not 14... I'm 16. And I'm not wrecking this family... you are!" Icea had listened to too much of that selfish woman. Rage was burning inside her, rising to the surface. And the 5 years of hell that woman had put her through was about to break loose.

Kayton could feel her body quivering with anger under his bare arm. He sternly gazed at Mayami, scowling deeply at her. "Mayami... Either you can get used to us as a family, including Icea. Or you can find some where else to live."

Mayami's face was starting to turn red. She growled low in her throat and crossed her arms tightly around her chest, trying to make her breasts stick out so maybe they could then be noticeable.

Kayton payed no attention to her attempt to make him realize her small breasts practically falling out of her low cut shirt. He did however notice her till fowl attitude and her low growl.

"Oh... and Mayami..." Kayton said, in a pleasant tone of voice, his lips grinning slightly at her.

Mayami's posture suddenly straightened and she had a pleased smirk crossing her lips, as if she thought showing him all her goods had gotten her somewhere. "Yes, Kayton?" her eyelashes fluttering.

"Did I mention... that you'll need to find somewhere to stay for the night? Well if I didn't tell you before, then I just did." Kayton's features and tone were neither angered or pleased.

Icea's sigh was loud and she was clearly tired and bored. She was sitting with her legs crossed, shuffling through a pile of papers and random books lying on her bed. Icea's attention was drawn outside, away from the house. Icea sighed and shook her head at the memory of the woman's selfish behavior.

A soft knock on her door went ignored by her. She continued fumbling through her things without glancing up even once. "Yes?"

"May I come in? I want to talk to you." Kayton's voice seemed regretful and tired.

"Why ask? You're going to come in whether I refuse or not." she sighed and looked up at the opening door.

"I've got some news. I probably should have told you about this earlier... but... I was worried about how you would react." Kayton was obviously nervous about approaching the subject with her. He sat down at the end of her bed, next to her now fixed piles of organized papers.

Icea wasn't sure what exactly it was he was going to tell her and she wasn't so sure she wanted to know. She figured it would most likely just be the regular "I want you to be happy, so if you want I'll leave Mayami" speech. The fact of the matter is that he would never follow through with the plan. Mayami always seemed to talk him out of it and every time she said she'd try harder, she just got worse. Icea returned Kayton's gaze and boredly blinked at him, waiting on him to speak. "Well?" she finally said after a while of staring.

Kayton cleared his throat and took hold of her cool hand, grasping it softly. "Icea... I know living with Mayami the past few years has been hard for you."

"You know? Do you really know?" She said, softly laughing. "I don't think you seem to grasp the fact that, that woman is the most fake person I've ever meet."

Kayton's sigh and glance to the floor make it aware to Icea that he was being reminded of what he already knew, it just hurt more hearing the words from her mouth, instead of himself.

"I'm sorry, Kayton..." she said, sighing and rubbing her forehead. "I don't mean to upset you, it's just that I hate the way she treats you. The worst thing is... that you let her... and I have to watch."

"Well... there's nothing I can do now. Icea.. she- she's pregnant and I plan to take responsibility for her and the child." Kayton said, searching Icea's eyes for signs of emotion.

Icea's eyes fell down to their hands. She slowly slides her hand out of his as she turns her head to look to her window.

"Icea? I'm sorry if this is such a shock to you. I was stunned to find out about it too. I just know that with time-" Kayton seriously sounded like he though it would all be just fine.

"Just stop already, ok?" Icea said, coldly. Personally she didn't know how she felt. Emotions swirling around in her head, clouding her state of mind. She had no clue how she should feel or act at the time.

"But... what do you mean 'stop'"? Kayton knew that this conversation was going to be a struggle, but he had still hoped she wouldn't completely hate him for it. Maybe some how she could find a way to understand... in her own way.

"You know what I mean- Stop trying to make me believe everything will be fine! I believed it every other time, but I refuse to let down my guard now. I refuse.. to claim her as family." Icea's eyes watched closely to the movement outside her window, her hair shielding her eyes from Kayton's sight. A light cool breeze flew in through her open window, tossing her hair back off her shoulders. she put her hand on the window sill. Her body ached with anxiety, she wanted out of the house.

"Icea, darling, listen. Obviously we'll have to put all this behind us and move on... seeing as how you're going to be having a half-sibling soon." Kayton's voice was more cheerful than his appearance.

Icea's eyes snapped to attention and darted to his face. "What? ...A half-sibling? Ha! It's not even going to be half. As if you haven't noticed, I'm not your child. Hell, I'm not anything close to what you are. You, and everyone else around here, are elementals. I'm only human, I have no elemental abilities what-so-ever. I'm not of you or... anyone else around here. I don't know where the fuck I belong. Why couldn't you have just left me to die?!"

Before Kayton could say or even think about doing something to react, Icea had jumped up and bounded out her open window. "Icea! Come back..." Kayton's voice trailed off, he knew there was no point in trying to force her to return. All he could do was give her time and space.

Kayton lowered his head, feeling partly guilty for her being so upset. Sighing deeply, he got up to his feet. He got up only to realize how tired and frustrated he was with himself. Carefully and neatly moving Icea's stacks of paper to her desk, he gently laid down on her bed. What Icea had said was all true, but Kayton still felt very close to her, maybe even closer than just a father-daughter relationship. They seemed so much like family no one would ever notice unless told otherwise. Her sent filled his lungs as he breathed in deeply, resting his head on her pillows. Kayton lay there, remembering when Icea used to be younger when they would fall asleep there with her laying in his arms.

Icea ran hard, reaching the main market place. The main streets of the four governing elemental races. As you know, two different races are not to be involved. This law of conduct is so strictly lived by that each person has to wear a patch on their arm, showing which elemental powers they hold, blue, red, green, or while depending on which group. The central power of the thriving elemental empires actually had men hired to patrol the whole entire area to make sure to keep everyone in check and to keep people in line. If someone was accused of having relations with someone of another race they could actually be put on trial for it. "The whole situation is so illogical and pointless." Icea was always totally heart broken when she had to watch the men at work, tearing people away from each other, breaking hopes and heart. She had seen many horrible things happen, because of the separation law.

Two teenagers were walking down the street together one day. Their shoulders were touching and their hands looked eager to touch, as Icea, walking just behind them, smiled to herself as she watched their body-language. The next thing she noticed was that the boy had a white arm hand and the girl had one of red. she sighed deeply to herself, feeling sorry for their situation. They were clearly in love. Anyone with half a brain and a pair of eyes could see that much. Finally after a few minutes of avoided contact and accidental skin contact, their arms joined together and their hands grasped tight in each others. By this time Icea was grinning brightly.

"What the hell is that? What do they think they're doing?!" a loud husky man's voice caught in Icea's ear range.

She turned her head to look to her side. she spotted a man looking directly at the couple in front of her. What drew he attention the most was the thick wooden stick the men liked to use to beat the unwanted couples with. Icea's eyes squinted and her eyebrows frowned, as she heard the man's taunting laughter and the repetitive sound of the stick hitting his palm. He was on his way toward them. she knew she had to do something. She couldn't speak to them, he'd see her warning them.

"Hey! You two kids are soiling this very ground you walk on!" the man's voice was loud and rough. He was tall and very muscular. No way in hell could Icea take this guy on fairly.

"Excuse me, sir." Icea said, turning to face the man, continuing to walk backwards.

"Huh? What do you want?" Even though she managed to get his attention he wouldn't stop. She kept walking backwards, in his path, moving as he did, in the same direction, blocking his path to slow him down.

"Oh... Well, I just wanted to ask you an important question." He looked down, frowning, but he seemed curious.

"Yeah well... what is it, girl?"

Icea quickly looked him up and down, her eyes light up. She knew what she was going to ask him now. "I just wanted to know..." her voice was low and soft. All the sudden he sprung forward, her knee rising swift and hard into his groin. "Does that hurt?" she batted her eyelashes and couldn't help but laugh loudly, as she held her stomach. Not long after, she took off running.

Of course there was no way she could just save people like that all the time, but at least she felt good knowing she had done it then.

Icea walked down that same very street, remembering the happy couple and what she had done to help them, she couldn't hold back a small grin. Any other time she would have been all out laughing. Today was a different story though.

She scanned the many faces and empty eyes. For some reason it felt lonely all the time to be there in the crowd of elemental people, watching them all pass by. Pulling at her arm hand, she remembered telling Kayton how he wasn't her real father and she didn't belong there. Black is her identity, the color of her arm band. She is the only human living among them. The odd one out. Icea always knew she didn't fit in and she never would. It was difficult just to make friends, let alone feel welcome. Thinking about this made it very difficult to keep from collapsing onto the ground and crying for hours, maybe even days.

"Great! This is even better. Just what I need right now." The wind was picking up and it was starting to rain rapidly, beating down on her. "I've got to get out of the rain..." she said to herself, looking around. She saw what looked like entrance to an old abandoned store, in an alley way she was standing at. She knew it probably wasn't the best idea, but she had to go some where not only to get out of the rain, but to be alone.

Luckily there was no one in the little shop, so she made herself at home. She sat on the surprisingly clean floor and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes. Her hand searched her pocket and her eyes opened to examine her blade. She carefully unwrapped the cloth she kept around the small razor and turned her left wrist up. She took in a deep breathe, preparing herself. Her heart jolted and her body quivered as she thought she hear a shuffling noise, loud and powerful, like someone dragging their feet while walking. She sat up straight, eyes darting alertly from side to side, up and down, surveying the room. Finally deciding that it wasn't anything to worry about, she shook her head and breathed deeply, concentrating on the task at hand. The rain was pouring down even harder now. It sounded like little pebbles hitting the roof.

Grasping the blade tightly, she continued. One slice, two slices. Blood was already starting to seep from her open wounds. she sat still, feeling a bit faint, resting her arm on her leg, extending it to keep blood from getting on her. She watched through half hazy eyes, blood forming at her cuts and running down her wrist, dripping rhythmically onto the floor. Her eyes full of tears, not of physical pain, but mostly emotional. Why... am I here? "Who am... I?" she quietly said to herself.

"I was just about to ask you the same question." A young man's voice. His sillouet stands in the open doorway. "Well? You going to answer me or not?" His voice was deep, but not annoyed or rough. His voice was like a powerful force of water running down a waterfall, beautiful yet strong.

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