You Laugh Because I'm Different...

Disclaimer: Cherry Creek High School is a real school in Colorado, and Bethpage High School (BHS) was the school I went to.

Chapter One

High school is a waste of time. Don't argue, you know it, I know it, everyone who's ever gone since the beginning of time knows it. You have to sit in an overheated (or worse, bitterly COLD) classroom for 45 minutes a period, trying to memorize something you're never going to actually USE by teachers who care about nothing except their next paycheck. And when you actually DO get a teacher that cares whether you learn something, they're usually either substitutes or naive, new student-teachers who have no idea how hard it is to get a bunch of bored, apathetic teenagers to give even a whit about what they're trying to teach them. And yet my mother REFUSES to let me drop out and homeschool myself.

I'm one of the many teenagers who doesn't really care about school. I used to live on Long Island, and the teachers in the hellhole I went to didn't give a damn whether you learned something, as long as you paid attention and kept your mouth shut. In my school, if you were sane enough to not run screaming from the building, you'd make it to your senior year, but if you were like I was, you half-assed your way through school while studying for your GED, while working in the crappy little diner across town, just in case you had to drop out for whatever reason.

And who am I, you ask? Well, my birth name is Audrey Cheyenne Taylor. I usually go by Cheyenne around my friends. My family is pretty atypical, at least to me; Anita, my mom, is a lawyer and Daniel, my dad, is an artist. No, seriously. He works at home, painting, running a website and selling his work to people all over the country. He's just started to go international as well, which means we get to move often, and usually temporarily. Mom puts up with it, but sometimes I wonder why she stays, since she's obviously not happy and wishes my dad would 'get a real damn job'. My sister Janine is 14 and a spitting image of our mom; blonde hair and green eyes, fair skin and thin as a rail. She's also Mommy's little girl, so we rarely get along. Sometimes I wonder if the whole family is actually related, since Dad and I are so different from Mom and Janine.

Out of all three of them, I guess I'm closer to my dad. We share the same interests, he teaches me to paint and he taught me to play guitar. He also supports my writing, which I take quite seriously. My mom and my English teacher think it's a waste of time, but my dad praises it and urges me to keep writing. Mom... well, we never see eye to eye on anything: my friends, boys, clothes, etc. She's older than Dad by 2 years, and she's more conservative than him. As for what I look like... well, I have my dad's curly dark reddish-brown hair and green eyes, as well as his olive-ish skin tone. Meh, I don't really care much about my looks anyway. I usually just brush my hair until it's straight as possible, throw it up in a ponytail, apply a little eyeshadow, liner and lip gloss and I'm done. I like to dress simply when it comes to clothes, which I inherited from my dad. I like to shop, since I'm skinny, but I prefer jeans or sweatpants, a pair of converses or boots and a tee-shirt. I don't wear skirts or dresses much, and I loathe high heels, though I do have them and wear them.

Well, now you know a little about me and my family. Now you should know why I said that I 'used' to live on Long Island. That's because our landlord had recently sold our house and we were moving to Denver. My dad found a steady job there (you know, aside from the website and painting) and he basically came home one day and told us to pack up. Which, technically, I already was since we moved so often and my bedroom was as small as a closet, so I could just fit boxes, my clothes and my bed. My dog Cody had to sleep in the freaking KITCHEN, just to let you know how small this house actually was. It was all we could get on short notice since moving back to the suburbs. Long Island real estate is freaking expensive, after all.

Naturally, I promised my two closest friends at school that I'd I.M. them as soon as I got settled in. Reese Atkins, Lily Freeman and I have been friends since we were in diapers. I could always tell them anything, and I do. Reese pretty much insists on knowing everything that's happening in my life. I really do love that boy, but we're like brother and sister by everything but blood. Lily, who's parents pretty much smother her, sees Reese and I as a lifeline, but we've always been very close.

Anywho, the Friday we were set to move (our parents had already taken care of withdrawal from BHS, I quit work and all that other crap), I bid my friends a tearful good-bye since they were the only people aside from my family that I cared about. We were going to leave on Saturday morning at 4:30 and drive to the airport, then fly to Denver, Colorado. Dad had already found and bought a house a couple of months ago and taken care of everything, so all we had to do was move our stuff in. Mom, being the efficient lawyer person that she is, did research over the Internet at work and contacted Cherry Creek High School. The paperwork had all been taken care of for me and Janine. That didn't mean carving a niche for myself in CCHS would be easy, not by a long shot. I still didn't know if this was permanent or temporary. Switching to different schools is never easy for me. I was lucky to have the two friends I had now, and we'd known each other forever. Having to do this all over again was hellish.

I was quite emotional in the car. I tried to hide my puffy eyes from Mom, who tends to be very critical of everything I do. I sat behind my dad in the car, my face turned to the window, the Cranberries blasting from my earbuds. Janine turned to me from her Sidekick (she'd spent the time we were in the car diligently texting her friends), stuck her snobby little nose up and snarled, "Do you mind turning that down?" Glaring at her, I turned it down as slightly as I could, just so only I could hear it. "Better?" I muttered just as snootily as she had, turning back to the window after hearing her unladylike scoff.

Dad looked in the rear-view at me. "You alright, Chey?" Chey is a pet name from toddler-hood (is that a word?) that my dad uses for me. And only he was allowed to say it. Janine once mocked me by calling me by my pet name when we were younger, and I nearly ripped her pretty blonde hair off her head. So she's never called me Chey since. I looked at my father. "I'm okay Dad, just tired. 4:30 AM is not my favorite time of day." He nodded understandingly and continued driving. I yawned, then put my head against the car window, closing my eyes.

The airplane ride was boring. I slept most of the time, still listening to my iPod. By the time the flight ended around 6:30, I was still tired, stiff and my head was pounding. Not to mention that I hadn't eaten since breakfast. But, we were in the airport and while it's still food, fast food has never really been my favorite. Hey, I may not care much for makeup or clothes but my body is still important to me. We finally chose a small café to eat in. I sat near the window and looked outside as I ate my turkey sandwich. Even though I was hungry, I was still a bit nauseous from the flight, so I wanted to play it safe.

After we found our luggage and made sure our belongings (pets included) were safe and sound in their carriers, we rented a car and made our way to the house Dad had bought. He hadn't told any of us what the house was like, so we were all going to be in for a surprise.

A/N: Please tell me what you think, what should be fixed and what needs to be elaborated on. It's only the first chapter and I still have to start the second one. Next up: The Taylors move in, the girls go to school and Audrey meets some new friends, as well as trying to keep in touch with her old ones.