By: White Rain


Jane had only just set down her backpack on the kitchen table when her mother, Amy, walked in, frowning, holding a piece of paper in her hand. She walked briskly over to her daughter and set the paper down on the table.

"It seems that you haven't been turning in your homework."

Jane said nothing.

"The homework you do as soon as you get home, or rather, you tell me you have done," her mother continued. "Meaning you've lied to me on top of doing poorly in school."

Jane stayed silent.

Amy grabbed her wrist, "You're in need of a good spanking."

Jane's eyes widened, but she otherwise didn't respond, and allowed her mother to drag her upstairs to her room.

Amy wasted no time; as soon as they were in Jane's room, she pulled her daughter to the bed, sat down on it, and pulled her across her lap. She quickly pulled up Jane's platted skirt and pulled down her polka dot panties, revealing her pale and creamy, rounded buttocks.

Amy wrapped her arms around Jane's waist, lifted up her hand, and brought it down with a on Jane's left cheek. She rose it again and smacked Jane's right cheek. Again and again, until she'd reached a dozen smacks, she rotated spanking the left and right cheeks.

Jane began to squirm on her mother's lap just as Amy's hand stopped.

"That's for not doing your homework," Amy said, and then gave her daughter six more crisp slaps, three on each cheek. The pale skin of Jane's behind was now a pastel pink.

Jane whimpered.

"Until I can trust you again, you're going to show me your homework," Amy said.

"Yes, ma'am," Jane said softly and yelped at the quick succession of ten more slaps on her backside.

"Now for lying to me," Amy said, her voice growing firm; she lifted her hand up again, and brought it down harder than ever on the extra sensitive sit spot on Jane's left cheek. Again and again, Amy spanked her daughters buttocks, watching as the skin turned a darker shade of pink, aiming each blow so that each cheek got equal treatment.

It wasn't long before Jane dropped her mostly stoic act, and began to cry and yelp at each blow that tenderized her naughty skin.

"Stop! I'll never, owe, lie," Jane whimpered again and gasped at an extra sharp slap landed on an extra dark pink patch of skin, "again." Then, she wailed, "Mommy!"

"I'll decide when you've had enough," Amy said, smacking the sore skin of Jane's backside with each word she spoke.

Jane began to kick her legs and struggle to get away from the raining smacks on her skin, crying hard and gasping, "Mommy!" again and again.

Amy just gripped her daughter more firmly, and began to spank the punished skin even harder. "Stay still," she snapped, as her hand landed on Jane's right cheek.

Jane was clearly past hearing though, she was sobbing and struggling to avoid the punishing hand on her cherry red buttocks.

Amy paused her spanking, and waited until Jane had calmed down some before speaking. "Are you going lie to me again, young lady?"

"No, never, please no more! I'll be good!" Jane wailed.

Amy looked down at her daughter, her tear stained cheeks and rustled dark hair, and the well-chastened skin, and decided she'd learned her lesson, but figured the lesson wasn't quite driven home just yet.

She rose her hand and slapped Jane's right cheek, and then the left, harder than ever. Jane wailed mournfully and began to cry in her earnest again, kicking her legs and digging her hands into her sheets.

The targeted skin was a deep shade of red by now, and Amy noted, as the skin bounced from the hard cracks landing on it.

"Mommy!" Jane cried again, and Amy decided a dozen more would suffice.

She lifted her knee slightly, so the sit spots were easier to spank, and delivered the final spanks with renewed vigor, making sure that her hand landed on the same spot each time she rotaed slaps.

The punishment over, Amy began to rub her sore arm, allowing her daughter to cry freely on her lap.

When the girl's cries dulled to sniffles, Amy said, "It's over," rubbing Jane's recently punished skin and leaning over to kiss her on the top of her head.