She addressed him as brother this immediately awakens two feelings in Leon, first off he feels disappointment because he being this woman's brother had just lusted after his sister, the second feeling that arises in the fragmented psyche of Leon is that she is knows him very well, like John he is her spiritual brother, or maybe even she is simply another part of him. The last bit of this train of thought is correct, the male psyche despite its stereotypical hatred of both beauty and vulnerability has a female part to it; Jungian philosophy suggests that we call this spiritual archetype an Anima. This goddess that is now standing in front of Leon is his Anima, as John is his Shadow. The goddess inside that now stands on the outside of her Animas the dominant male archetype of the spirit is not a source of nihilism such as John is, she is no source of poor reasoning or self-destruction, she is a very neglected part of Leon's all and all life her name is Alicia.

Leon looks at his goddess inside, he looks at her good and hard, sees more of himself than he sees in John, but he also sees surrender, he looks at the lack of blood in her beautiful features, he sees her poor health. Her weakness arouses Leon, he feels an erection pressing up against the inside of his pants, it is the typical knight in shining armor complex tat is giving him this erection. He smiles and looks at her with his covered eyes hoping that she does no look down and see his excitement. She, Alicia smiles back at him; they lock their UV protected stares and keep smiling similar smiles.

"You are part of me aren't you?" Leon asks already knowing the answer to that ridiculous sounding question.

"Indeed I am my brother; a much neglected part since that pig John has found his way into the world of perception. You can call me Alicia."

Leon's smile widens, his head spins, he recalls ever so briefly a movie he once saw, in this movie a woman had prevented her husband from shooting a lion while out on a big game hunt, and the woman in the movie had been named Alicia.

"Where do we go from here?" Leon asks the words fall into heavy air yet still reach Alicia, his potential savior; thee beautiful raven haired angel.

"Well I imagine that you want to go to bed." Alicia says, her ruby lips pulling back to reveal a stunning smile.

Leon's head races, he feels the first spark of passion that he has felt in a long time, a spark that not even the beautiful wraiths like Brenda can really conjure up. Leon's excitement presses further up against his jeans. His body goes into an immediate reaction to this statement, pores open pouring sweat onto the body suite of his epidermis, his throat constricts, his mind races; he feels much like a school boy on a first date. He manages a nonchalant nod, or at least a nod that passes for nonchalant.

"Well that's too fucking bad, get back to work. We'll see plenty of each other before too long." Alicia says, her jest is amusing only to her.

Alicia turns and walks away, her long legs carrying her away from Leon, and now Leon is alone from both John and Alicia. He begins his work again, begins the drudgery of his nine to five job where he is most definitely not the god outside, only the god inside, he continues the automatic labor process and begins to meditate through repetition of schedule. The monotony allows his brain to race, thoughts, memories, ideas, complexes all take their turn in the stage of his ever failing brain. His vision blurs, reality is encroached upon by another reality, he can see it like an over exposed photograph, layer on layer transposed on each other. The new layer, the new reality is a snowing field, in the snowing field is a chess board; there is the sound of bells ringing in the air. A lion and a jackal sit parallel to each other, their spines bending in ways that mimic humans; they are playing chess with each other. The jackal says something to the lion, it is a wretched beast with a foaming mouth, and a malnourished belly, Leon cannot make out what the jackal says to the lion the bells are too loud. The lion replies to the jackal while pushing a pawn forward with its paw, the gold of the lion's fur is a stark contrast to the black pawn; Leon cannot hear what the lion says either the bells drown out all noise.

Leon's bladder feels heavy and he makes his way through the shelves and to the restroom, the lion and jackal are no where to be found they took the snow and bells with them. Wash your fingernails every Sunday, float like a jellyfish, eat at Bob's BBQ, amen.