Sam looked around. She couldn't understand what was happening. She wasn't at home no more. Tears fell down her cheeks as she remembered someone coming into her room and picking her up. She thought it was daddy until she was put in the back of a van. It was night time and she was in bed. She looked down at herself and saw that she wasn't in her nightclothes but she was in a white dress. She looked down at the black shoes she was wearing. She started crying for her mother and father again. She soon stopped as soon as the door opened.

A little light shone in at that point and she saw a guy enter. He was much older than she was. She wanted to back away in fear immediately but been in the corner prevented that. The look on his face wasn't a happy one and she thought she knew why. When she realised that he wasn't daddy she had bit him hard while fighting and drew some blood. As a result she'd been slapped across the face.

"You going to behave kid or am I going to have to hurt you?" He growled.

She stayed silent out of fear only to receive another slap once he'd reached her.

"You answer me when I talk to you. Now are you going to behave?" He asked again.

She slowly nodded her head and whispered. "Yes."

"Good, what's your name kid?" He asked.


"And how old are you Sam?"

"5…I'm nearly 6 though…"

He grabbed her face holding it into the light that shone from the door. Finally he roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her out not saying another word to her. She watched as she was taken along a series of corridors. She looked around in amazement. The house seemed massive. She'd never seen a house like it. The one she lived in with mommy and daddy wasn't this big. She looked at the guy as he just dragged her along. She had a feeling that mommy and daddy weren't here like she wanted them to be and that he wasn't taking her to them either.

Finally they entered a room. She looked around and saw another guy there. He looked up as she was dragged inside. Sam wondered who he was and what he wanted.

"So this is the kid?" He asked.


"How old is she?"

"5…nearly 6 apparently."

The guy sighed.

"Ryan this isn't right…you can't just take young kids…" He started.

"Listen Cayden…You're taking her and I don't care what you want or say. You owe me a favour and you know what will happen if you don't do this." Ryan started.

Cayden sighed and looked at Sam. She looked pretty scared. He sighed.

"What's her name?"

"Sam…I'm guessing its short for Samantha."

He nodded.

"So I take her to that address and look after her then?"

"Yea and I'll call in a few years time see how she's doing you know. Make sure you look after properly. We don't want her been some overweight ugly bitch."

Sam looked at them both not exactly sure what was going on.

"I want my mommy and daddy…" She finally muttered.

"Well I want doesn't fucking get!" Ryan shouted as he slapped her yet again before forcefully pushing her over to Cayden. "And you better teach her about the word submission…"

Cayden looked at Sam unsure about this. He finally picked her up and nodded.

"Sure Ryan. See you later."

With that Cayden left with Sam. They left the building and Cayden put Sam into the back of his car. It was late and she was still crying from when Ryan had hit her. He grabbed a pillow and blanket and lay her down as he tried to find a way of having her seatbelt done up as well while she lay there. She stayed lying down and Cayden could see it was out of fear of getting hit again. He sighed.

"Sam, it's a long journey back so get some sleep. It's late ok?"

She slowly nodded her head and closed her eyes. Cayden watched her for a minute feeling sorry about what she was getting into but he had no choice but to follow Ryan's orders otherwise he'd be in trouble himself. Slowly he closed the door to the car and got in the drivers seat. With that he took off as Sam slept in the back seat.


10 years later

Sam sat in her room silently as she stared at the ceiling. Her homework was on the desk but she wasn't planning to do it. All week she'd been rebelling. She smiled to herself a little.

"Sam, get your ass out of bed now before I come up and drag it out!" She heard Cayden yell.

She laughed a little and continued to lie in bed. Finally 10 minutes later she heard Cayden storming up the stairs. He opened the door and looked at her.

"Sam…you do realise that today happens to be Wednesday don't you?" He asked.

"Yea I realised…" Sam smirked as she didn't look at him.

"Well if you hadn't realised from the other years, Wednesday is the middle of the week and is often called a weekday. On weekdays kids like you have something called school…."

"Cayden don't talk to me like I'm three…." She interrupted.

"Then stop acting like it and get your ass out of bed. You have 10 minutes to get washed and dressed then we're leaving."

Sam sighed and crawled out of bed. This really did suck. Cayden had been driving her to school for the last week and a half as last year her attendance had been below 40. She passed the year miraculously but still her attendance needed to be sorted out. That's when the headmaster had called Cayden. They'd come to the decision that if she needed someone to hold her hand to school then they'd give her someone. Sam hated them. She hated everyone. They could all go to hell for all she cared.

She finished washing and getting dressed and deliberately left her homework upstairs on the desk. Sam came down and grabbed her bag and an apple heading for the door. She felt Cayden's hand on her shoulder.

"Homework…" He said.

She glared. How did he know she'd left it.

"I'm not stupid Sam."

"Neither am I." She commented as she dropped her bag and headed back upstairs. Grabbing some old work she came back down and put it in her bag.

"Now you can go back up and get the homework off your desk to." He said.

Sam glared more. How the hell….She just snarled and walked back up grabbing the work off her desk and coming back down.

Cayden grinned. "Good."

Sam just ignored him as she walked out the door and to the car getting in and waiting for Cayden. She'd decided that she was leaving this place when she turned 16. She'd been saving up her money from a Saturday job that she'd got for the last few months. Cayden couldn't believe that she still had this job. It was stacking shelves at a small shop on the corner. Sam loved it though. It got her away from Cayden. Cayden wasn't even family. She hated him. Even though he'd looked after her the past 10 years, she hated him. He'd kept her away from family and she hated that. She hated that she'd been taken. She could remember the moment clearly.

Sam looked out the window as Cayden locked the front door and made sure he had everything for work. Sam went back to thinking about when she was taken. It was something she never forgot.

"Sam, are you ready for bed yet?" Mother shouted.

"Nearly mommy." She shouted downstairs.

"Well bed in five minutes. I'll come up then to check and read you a story then ok?"

Sam smiled as she crawled into bed and got under the covers waiting. She saw someone come in and smiled.

"Daddy!" She squealed getting out of bed.

But it wasn't daddy at all. He grabbed her and covered her mouth up before disappearing with her and that was that. Before she knew it she was growing up with Cayden.

"Sam!" Shouted Cayden a third time.

She blinked. "What?" She asked.

"We're at school now get going."

"Sure." She muttered grabbing her bag and getting out.

She sighed and walked through the gate to her locker. Great it was school. She was at school. She soon smiled though when she saw Freya at her locker.

"Hey Frey…" She smiled.

"Hey Sam…How are you?"

"The usual you know…pissed off that Cayden is driving me in still. Before you know it he'll be walking me to the door."

"Maybe you should try coming to school and getting to lessons on time then." She laughed.

"Don't you start." She grinned a little.

Sam looked up and say that Jay and Teegan were heading their way. They were their mates and they were dating. They'd been dating for about 8 months now which was incredible. Honestly no one thought they'd last or that they were a good couple. They were just so different from each other. You see, for starters Jay was 6' at 15 with spikey black/red hair. He was kind of a goth. Everyone says kind of because sometimes he comes in dressed as an ordinary person but most times it's gothic clothes. Whereas Teegan has long brown hair with pink highlights, is 5'4. Teegan loved the colour pink. She was crazy about it. Now you can se why people find them an odd match.

"Lovers alert." Sam grinned when they were in distance.

"Oi, Sam shut it." Laughed Jay.

"Make me…" She challenged.

Teegan shook her head.

"So how are you today then Sam and Freya?" Asked Teegan.

Freya smiled.

"I'm good. Yourselves?" She replied.

"We're good…" Answered Jay. "And you Sam?"

"You know the usual shit. I'm still hating Cayden." Sam smirked.

"Good to know you still have all that hatred in you and are hating someone out in the world." Laughed Jay.

She nodded. "Yep usual me."

They all groaned in unison as the bell went and Sam opened her locker finally after the gossip.

"I'll catch you guys up in a second."

Freya looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Sam…you're not trying to be late are you again?"

"No…I would never try to maintain my late record." She smirked.

They all shook their heads and walked off. Finally 15 minutes after the bell Sam started walking to class.

"Samantha…you're late again…" Sighed Mr Smith.

"Yea I know I read the time." She smirked sitting down next to Freya.

"Did Cayden forget to drive you in?" He asked.

"No…" She simply answered.

"Then why are you late?"

"No reason…"

"Obviously I'm going to have to talk to Cayden then."

"Go right ahead." Sam smirked.

The rest of the class laughed.

"Well Sam, been as your so keen to be the class clown your assigned to showing around the new guy for the week." Mr Smith said.

"We have a new guy?" Sam questioned looking around.

"Well if you'd been here on time then you'd have been here to see Kai introduce himself."

Kai looked at her and smiled. She just kept staring back. He was gorgeous. With jet black hair and blue eyes he looked like a god. Sam felt instantly attracted to him.

"Sure I'll show him around."

She smiled now looking forward to the rest of the day as she waited for the lesson to end and thought none stop about Kai.

Finally class ended and Sam grabbed her stuff together and walked out with Kai. She smiled at him.

"So I'm Sam."

"Yea, I heard. You always late and trouble?" He asked.

"It's my middle name….both late and trouble." She grinned.

Kai smirked. "Unusual…but then again my middle name is danger so I guess we're both unusual."

Sam laughed a little even though the joke wasn't really too funny.

"So where you just come from?" She asked as they started walking down the corridor.

"California. My dad's just moved here to New York on some business thing."

Sam nodded. "Well with me around here you'll love this place. Let's see your timetable."

Kai handed it over.

"Great we have maths next." She smiled.

"You going to be late for that to?" He asked.

"No…I'm planning to get you there on time. Don't want them to get a bad impression of you on your first day right?" She laughed.

"I guess that's why your showing me the ropes, so you can get to class on time."

"With you in my classes now I'll always get there on time."

Kai fell silent at that but he smiled which was something thought Sam. They entered maths class and chatted through most of it. She showed Kai everything for the usual Wednesday that he needed to know and soon it was the end of the day. By then he had met Teegan, Jay and Freya. They disappeared off soon after collecting their things from their lockers as Kai and Sam seemed to just talk even more. They really hit off and it was great. That was until the principal and Cayden turned up behind her waiting impatiently as she talked.

"…And so you see that's basically what happens at this school…"

Kai saw them first and coughed slightly. Sam noticed him nod indicating to turn around. She immediately knew who was behind her at that point. She turned around slowly.

"Cayden…." She smiled.

"Car. Now." He glared.

I closed my locker silently and looked at Kai.

"I'll see you tomorrow. At the front gate and I'll show you to chemistry."

He nodded. "Yea that will be great thanks. It was great talking to you and thanks for showing me around Sam."

"No problem." She smiled slightly until Cayden grabbed her arm pulling her towards the car.

"I meant today not next week."

"Oh shut up!" She snapped at him.

He glared and she noticed he'd raised his hand before slowly putting it down. Was he planning on hitting her. She looked away and just slightly got into the car. Cayden got in the other side.

"I heard you didn't do your homework and got into your first class 15 minutes late despite me dropping you here 15 minutes before your class even started." He said.


"And now I'm going to be walking you to your first class."

Sam looked at him as if he was insane.

"You can't do that…Kai will think I'm a complete child."

"Well maybe if you didn't act like one I wouldn't have to do this."

Sam glared but remained silent as Cayden drove off. She really did hate him now. She really did hate him.

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