So here I am once again, here to tell you everything.

Whether you want to know or not, although it seems you really don't give a damn.

I'm sorry for what I've done, I feel I've only made it things seem out of wack.

You don't even say a word to me, not as much as a glance at me.

And you probably already knew this, but I sure as hell really did like you.


But I never had a chance to begin with, did I?

I mean I can't even talk to you without having my mind going empty.

I get so nervous when I'm trying to talk to you, and that doesn't happen often.

But even then I could just tell you never really did want to talk to me.

I was pathetic. I am pathetic. I still am pathetic, aren't I?


I could never compete with those that sparked your interest.

Your tall, blonde haired, blued eye guys that you fall head over heels for.

Whatever I did was for naught.

You really showed me that a guy like me has no chance with love.

I fell in love with someone that would not even look at me.


I'll always be that short, "little Cambodian," as you would say… isn't that about right?

I have no intentions in pursuing you as you've made it clear to me.

I haven't a clue as to what you'll even feel after reading this.

Your hugs really did make my day… I'm sure the right guy will pop up for you.

This is my goodbye to you.