i pluck my eyebrows and pubes
into OCD perfection - pain
seeping out where the oreo white
roots used to be. kohl - like
a cheetah's proud markings -
grace my butterfly/centipede
eyelashes and dark lipstick stains
her shoulders where my fleshy mouth
met skin and bone; rough jagged
short nails ((i ditched
acrylic trailer trash for
country.girl.sophistication)) and
instead of coffee rings Os
of middle-school blowjob rainbow parties
my mouth is greased with the
life of her. she laughs as i leave her
her socks but nothing else. i only
laugh as her pubes tickle my nose.
but we giggle little girl giggles
as our hands are infinitely softer
and gentler and our lovemaking
infinitely sweeter than it was with any
of our old ((pathetic)) boyfriends.
after, we lay bare&wet&sweaty&panting
but always laughing as we confess our love
under my glo-in-the-dark stars.

first and foremost, she is my
best friend, we just happen to love
each other's body. i grace her with
subjugated touches. instead of
hiding under baggy clothes and
fucking in the dark ((with men, my
body was too flawed)) i now
lay spread-eagle and dare to
blow my nose so unsexily
in front of her and still i feel
like a grecian goddess.

quiet and protected ((slightly
anorexic 1)), from how i
used to be, i flourish and grow
breasts and a huge ghetto ass,
my stomach has jiggle and i
feel fat with my barely 100 lbs.
but she eases me with an
annoyed look whenever i call,
"fat bitch" and i ((uneasily,
unused to it)) feel sexy.

1 - Taken from the Kidney Thieves song, "Arsenal".

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