I'm singing this from beneath your window

(I hope your listening)

I'll be waiting until the end of time,

Just in case you feel me good enough to forgive.


I'm singing this from the other side of the room.

(Please believe, I really love you,)

Every second I'm not with you,

Leaves me lusting for you.


I left this message on your answering machine

(Because you wouldn't pick up)

And this song is to remind you,

I never did those things.


I love you,

With all my heart

And even if you never take me back,

At least I can say I tried.

I tried so hard to make you believe,

It never happened the way you think.


This is the headline of the newspaper,

(I only wish you would not tear it up)

Because I love you.

And no little rumour will ever destroy that.


I hope you hear this on the radio,

(It's on your favourite station.)

And I'm not trying to be redundant,

But I can't get you out of my head.


These words are on a blimp in the sky,

(It reads: I'll always be here.)

And I'll always be here,

To interrupt your thoughts.


Just to remind you,

(again and again and again…)

That I love you.

I will always love you.

I won't end this here,

Until the whole world knows of my love for you,

And so do you.

So do you.


Now you won't be able to open your window,

Answer your answering machine,

Listen to the radio,

Read the newspaper,

Or even look outside,

Without thinking of me.

Just like I can't stop thinking about you.


And you may choose to ignore me,

But please, please remember this:


I love you.

With all my heart

And nothing,

Nothing will ever take that away.