PLEASE NOTE: This is a SATIRIC ESSAY (please look it up if you're not sure of the definition). It is NOT to be taken seriously, and it is NOT bashing ANYTHING or ANYONE. Thank you.

To Make a Better Soldier

There is has always been controversy over the subject of war. Many people do not want their children, husbands, wives and friends going to fight in a foreign country for their country. Countless thousands have died to save freedom and democracy.

A simple solution to the many deaths of today's generation is slowly coming to fruition. When cloning becomes possible for humans, scientists can manufacture an entire new "race" to fight wars for citizens. Scientists have detailed most of the human genetic code, including several genes pertaining to physical and intellectual capabilities. With this information, humans can clone and alter other humans to make the perfect soldier; one who is obedient, and never questions orders.

These soldiers will grow first in laboratories, then in factories as the industry grows. Scientists will alter their DNA while still in the "womb" to have better endurance, speed, and obedient minds. The soldiers' IQ and overall intelligence will be lower than that of the average person. This is to prevent them from questioning their roles, and improve their ability to take orders without argument.

As these soldiers are born, grow up, and become adults, their training will be vigorous and hard. Trainers will cull all of those soldiers who cannot succeed in the training, the waste used for things such as fertilizer and scientific experimentation. Scientists expect that this rate will be low, because all of the soldiers are from the same set of DNA, with the same alterations.

As young children, the soldiers will learn to listen always to a higher authority, and that arguing is not an option. Their genetically altered DNA will work with this nurturing, making them more obedient, and less curious.

As puberty hits the soldiers, steroids and other enhancing drugs become standard issue, to increase strength and lower libido. In order to have maximum performance, the soldiers will not have their reproductive organs removed. The removal of these organs would cause risk to the soldiers, because the right levels of hormones would not be there. There is no need for the soldiers to reproduce; they will all develop within factory facilities.

As part of training, teen-aged soldiers will have further alterations to their genetic codes to fit roles such as Private, Officer, and General. Those of higher rank will receive a higher intellect, with the same alteration that makes them obedient. Both males and females will have a daily dose of hormone suppressants to ensure they do not act on them.

They will train from three years of age until age twenty, when their bodies will be at the height of maturity. From this age, the soldiers will travel all over the world to replace the citizens who should rightfully be in their homes. These citizens can now go back to their home countries safely and live productive, contributive lives.

Trainers will be senior military officers, teachers, and military psychologists. They will educate, train, and track the clone soldiers to make sure that they all develop to their full potential.

One may liken these soldiers to the clones created in the Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. They also have changes to their DNA that made them take orders without question. Unlike in these movies, however, female clones shall also be in battle. There are things females are more capable of than males. Also like the Star Wars movies, these soldiers are expendable. It does not matter how many die, because there are always more to replace them.

The real advantage to this cloning is that smaller and poorer countries can grow these soldiers and have a better, stronger army than if they recruited citizens. Their population would not decrease because they will only add new humans, not take any away. In addition, there will be no need to pay these soldiers, because their roles as soldiers demand no pay.

Another advantage to these soldiers is that there will be no more need for events such as "Remembrance Day" and "Veterans Day". This creates more time for families and companies to do activities that are more productive. The populous will still honour and remember the dead from previous wars; but when the last of the veterans die, there will be no need for remembrance services.