NOTE: Remember that "takeover" novel I may/may not have started on here? This and the one related to it are much better versions of what I was trying to create.


Carlinya patted her graying hair into place, straightened the round bust of her dress, and checked her makeup. She was going to the Opera tonight.

Her husband was waiting for her in the front room, quite handsome in his tuxedo of black.

They made their way to their car, and drove to the Opera house in silence. After parking they were approaching the building when two police officers stopped them. Carlinya eyed them distastefully, but also warily.

"Evening, sir, madam" the female officer greeted. "We have been ordered to alert you of the arrests of three of your children, and their children. They will be rehabilitated and released in three months' time." The message sounded recorded in the woman's toneless voice.

Carlinya placed hands on ample hips, shawl draping her arms. Using her best grandmother voice, she asked firmly, "Now why have my children and grandchildren been arrested? They are law-abiding folk."

"In accordance with the newly instated laws against Rock, Rock and Roll, and other similar genres and styles of dress, they have been found guilty. Further information is being forwarded to your home as we speak."

Carlinya looked at her husband in confusion. Placing a hand on her arm, he spoke to the officers. "Thank you for informing us. May we continue into the Opera house? We do not want to be late."

The officers stepped aside, and Carlinya sniffed.

"How do you suppose they found us?" She asked her husband as they entered.

"Bruce knows we go to the Opera every Friday. He probably told them."

"Oh yes. Well, that music was distasteful anyway. I hope they come to their senses." And without further ado, Carlinya swept into the seating area, pulling out her viewing glasses.