When did waiting for marriage become so unfashionable? Left and right she reads in fiction about all the girls who think expressing their love should be done outside of marriage. The world had tossed away the morals they tried so hard to live by not so far in the past. It had become unfashionable, unthinkable, to wait for the ring around your finger, your name on the contract and the promise before your God before jumping into the not-so-sacred marriage bed. The men she dated for years thought that they loved her enough to seduce her. They thought that doing it outside marriage was rebellion. Waiting was something for the old. Something that only the prudes waited for. They thought that she should give up the "old ways". That she was just being coy. Or shy. Or stubborn. She didn't think so. She thought she was being good, pure, righteous. That she was following something she believed in. Something her mother believed in, and her mother's mother. She thought she was following her religion, her God, her Jesus. She believed in waiting, in sharing that with someone after she was married. The commitment, not to mention the act itself, was just so intimate that she could not fathom not waiting. Maybe she was weird. Maybe she was, in fact, old-fashioned. And maybe it didn't matter if she waited, and dumped every man that mentioned it.

She would still wait.