Summary: Inspired by a combination of the Sound of Music and the ghost tour my sister and I are planning on when we visit Ireland in a few months.

My Favorite Ghosts

Lawmen with sharp swords and Hangmen with nooses,

Stealers and Cheaters with shady excuses,

Creepy dead people made into some roasts,

These are a few of my favorite ghosts.

Ravens that drift with swift death in their flight,

Mysterious strangers on a dark, stormy night,

Bar-brawls and battles and arrogant boasts,

These are a few of my favorite ghosts

Maidens in dresses with bright bloody gashes,

Backs cut to ribbons with 2000 lashes,

Spirits and Specters looking for hosts,

These are a few of my favorite ghosts.

When the mob shouts, as the fire toasts,

The ax is ready to fall.

I simply remember my favorite ghosts,

And my death isn't so bad at all.




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