"Hey, what's your name?"

Okay, keep your cool. Breathe. Now look at him. Look. Look goddamn you! Oh god, I looked. Well that was stupid. Are you going to answer him? What's your name, Pen? Tell him already.


Okay…now try looking at him first and then tell him your name.

"I'm Pen."

Better, surprisingly articulate. Drink your morning juice. Yes, that's it. He's watching you drink your juice. Warning: Slurping may cause love of life to back away and never speak to one's retarded self again. A bit psycho but it might happen. Stop drinking.

"As in Pencil?"

Pencil? What the hell was that? Oh right, joke. Haha. Laugh now. Correct him.


Bus window looks comforting. Look through the window. All a blur. Not concentrating. Why is he talking to me? Samantha's two seats in front of me and there's a spare one next to her. Why my spare seat? What about my bag? Bags need seats too, you know.

"My name's Cam. So, you like apple juice?"

Found myself slurping away at juice. Stop slurping! Straws are so inconvenient. Damn it. I nod slightly in response. He laughs.

"Well, I personally like orange."

He flashes a sexy, wonderfully sexy, grin and then frowns at me. Why is he frowning? Oh, found myself staring at him. Tear eyes away! Away handsome face, away! Where's the window? He laughs again. Embarrassing. Bus stops. Destination reached. Students start to assemble out, classes are soon, and he starts to get up.

"As in Camera?"

He turns to look at me. Smiling,