I spotted Gem, Jeremy and Cameron breakfasting across the room, and I waddled over to them. He hadn't noticed me yet, and I wasn't sure how I'd handle it when he did. Not like last time, I hoped. Last night, when he confessed, I ran out of the hall without so much as a word to him. Stupid, cowardly, foolish Penelope. I didn't know what had come over me. My whole body – my heart, my arms, everything it seemed – wanted to be with him, to embrace him right then and kiss the crap out of him. But I ran, and maybe it was a kind of fear. Fear of...well, I don't know. I'm no head doctor. Rest assured, I was obviously not like normal people.

So I didn't know how he would act in front of me. The world blurred past me as I walked, and the only thing that seemed to be in focus was him. Sitting down and eating porridge. He had bed hair and a well-cut, blue jumper that emphasized his well-rounded shoulders. I heard Gem's voice somehow in my temporary deafness, but couldn't detect any distinct words. But soon enough, Cameron had turned his head and our eyes locked in an instant. He was watching me approach. His face was unreadable, although when I got closer and sat down next to him, trace-like mind you, I saw the fervor, the confusion, in his eyes.

"Are we interrupting anything?" Jeremy genuinely asked, looking between Cameron and me.

It was enough to break my Cameron-induced hypnosis, and I looked to Jeremy and Gem with quite a start.

"No, not at all!" I croaked.

Gem and Jeremy glanced at one another, and Gem proceeded to ask me, "Are you going to eat? You look so pale I hardly think it's just the cold!"

"Oh?" was all I managed.

"I'll get you some," Gem said, assuming that I meant to eat, and got up to get me some porridge.

I fell into a slump and my eyes rested on the fake wood of the dining table. This was so embarrassing. I wondered if Gem suspected anything by my behaviour? Jeremy even seemed to notice the awkwardness between Cameron and I, and I thusly avoided his eye-contact.

I felt Cameron beside me, his form still in his seat. He had stopped eating for I couldn't hear any eating noises. Huuurrr. I'm like a little girl blushing and running away from the boy that likes her. I can't believe he likes me. Why me? Of course, he probably hates me now. I didn't want him to hate me.

"Hey, Cameron," I said, looking up at him and smiling as much as my facial muscles allowed.

He turned and, seized by my smile, he furrowed his brows deeper. Jeremy stood up and excused himself, "I'll leave you two, alone."

Cameron just stared at me. I had to give him something. I waited until we were absolutely alone.

"I like you too..." I said, seriously, leaning into him so that that knowledge was forced upon him, and that he would have no doubt about its truth.

He was about to say something, but I cut him off.

"But I don't deserve you. That's why I ran away last night."

He was taken aback, and shook his head slightly as though he was silently wishing away his feelings for me. I flung my legs over the seat and stood up. I told the truth. And it hurt. The first boy that ever liked me, and I had rejected him. For the second time. Cameron was too good for me. I was nothing like his gracious, Godly self. He deserved a supermodel, not a plain, awkward school girl like me whose favourite thing to do was read and Maths.

I didn't know why, but I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I had to get out of here before anyone saw the state I was in. I started towards the door, back to the cabins.

"Wait!" Cameron had grabbed my hand (the good one), and I twirled back around.

He stared me, his eyes boring into me that it hurt my heart to try to look away. He got up slowly, and closed the gap between us. It always fascinated me that I always seem to border on paralysis when he came close. It was everything about him that made me crazy. Cameron leaned down and rested his face near my cheek.

"Penelope. Don't cry."

And then I felt his warm lips against my cheek, and a tingling sensation coursed through my body. I flushed as he pulled away, and I felt dizzy and light-headed at the same time. He gazed back at me, to observe the effect of his kiss. He smiled at me, and I couldn't help smiling back.

"Oh my God! You bitch!" Samantha screeched, and the bowl of porridge that she had been carrying rang against the tiled floor.

I jumped back, and Cameron caught me in his arms.

"Let's go," he said, and pulled me away from the wailing Samantha. I willingly followed him. I didn't care what problems I have caused for myself. I liked him. He liked me. Dash Samantha. Dash what anyone else thought!

I wrapped my good arm around Cameron's waist as headed out of the door, into the cold, beautiful, winter landscape.