Snapshots from the Mind of a Soul Collector


I was dropped in the jungle on April 9, 1965 to begin my second tour of duty in another war that would come to be known as only a conflict. My first tour of duty I spent down range working as an advisor. United States Marine Corps if you want to be exact on branch. That first year was as regular infantry, but my amazing accuracy and certain death shots got me drafted into something else upon my return to the jungle…

The second tour of duty I returned not as simply a grunt, but as a living breathing soul collector. I returned as a United States Marine Corps sniper. I learned fast through this conflict that life is short. You should live while you have the chance because you never know when your bullet is coming. I often thought about that moments before a kill. Maybe, for a split second my target thought they saw something crawling in the jungle. Maybe they saw the glint off of my scope. Before their life could even flash before their eyes their skulls were just a couple of splinters suspended in a cloud of pink mist. Their entire existence is just another notch on my helmet next to my ace of spades.

My name is Sgt. Richard Alexander Matthew Fischer, and I'm back motherfuckers…. But it don't mean a thing.