The Blue Mist Chronicles: Light and Fire

Original story written by: Robert Paul Alexander page (ChinoRavenStar)

Edited/re-written version by co-author: Mark Russell Downing (RussXavier)


In the Year 2017 AD, A Meteor the size of Cambodia came falling to Earth. It collided near a small city in Antarctica, destroying it. Even though the meteor was large it technically did not harm our mother Earth in any, but covered it in a toxic, yet non-lethal blue mist-like fog. This strange phenomenon was caused the moment the meteor hit Earth's atmosphere and it's alien gases combined with our planet's natural gases. This strange blue mist, which came to be known both commonly and scientifically as 'Blue Mist', was gone as fast as it came, dissipating within a few months.

After that odd event certain people started to develop strange, and almost mutatious abilities. These 'powers' were only experienced, at the time, by people with mental illnesses such as depression, ADD, ADHD, Bi-polarism, etc, etc. Because of this many of the so-called 'normal' people of earth saw these powers as freakish and sins against nature, but after about fifteen years the "normal" people of earth grew to understand and somewhat grow used to these 'mutations'. Yet that period was not reached without a cost. Nor would it be obtained without bloodshed.

In the year 2019 AD, The Russian Government decided to pass a law that would allow them to imprison people with powers as long as they were under the age of 5. The Russian Government, quite hypocritically, had many people with the out-lawed powers working for them. Fred Domerson was one of the aforementioned 'power' wielding officials and the army's top man. He had been the best of the best, the strongest of the strong. All of this was until he found out that his four year-old daughter possessed some abilities. After his dramatic realization of his daughter's powers he quickly left the army, took his daughter, and went into hiding.

A few months later the army found Domerson and his daughter. Before Fred Domerson realized it some army spies kidnapped her and took her to the city of Kudrinskaya. The enraged Fred Domerson attacked not only the Russian Army, but the city itself. Try as the army might their attacks seemed futile against Fred Domerson's almost demonic rage and powers. If he knew an attack was coming he would simply raise a barrier of faint red energy to protect himself and would retaliate with powerful flame-like energy beams which he shot forth from his eyes.

Soon the army rolled out it's armored units that consisted of soldiers wearing robotic armor (Mech Suites) and the usual tanks. Fred Domerson simply raised his barrier and behind it's protective wall focused his energy into two sun-like energy balls that hovered in his hands. He continued his march of vengeance and destruction using this extremely powerful ability to completely disintegrate his opponents. Soon the army pulled back, it's generals to afraid to continue their foolish frontal attacks. Now, unopposed, Fred Domerson continued his out of control rampage until he found a surprise in the middle of Kudrinskaya Square.

Finally The Russian Government had came up with a plan. They handcuffed and placed Fred Domerson's daughter in the middle of Kudrinskaya Square, hoping this would stop him. It worked, all to well. Fred Domerson stopped attacking when he saw his beloved daughter. He dropped his guard and ran to her, but right before he could even hold his offspring in his arms a well-placed sniper shot him in the dead center of his right temple. Thus the Russian Government solved it's problems using a cowardly act and a single bullet.

The news of this attack was soon showed around the world. The body count racked up by this one man was near three thousand, if not more. This scene shocked and appalled all in two different ways. The 'mutant' population was horrified by the actions took by the Russian Government to eliminate their newly acquired race. While on the other hand people whom did not sympathize with their gifted brethren blamed these events on the sheer existence of these mutants. Both sides held good points; both sides wanted theirs to be the right conclusion. So thus started what would be known as the Thirteen Year War.

-In 2032 AD, Peace was reached-

After those horrid fifteen years the United Nations government decided to start a new era. An era that signaled the years after the Blue Mist effect. Since then the world has seen more and more of these powers. So much so that half the population (by the year of 1611 A.B.M) of the planet would be composed of gifted persons. In the year 0008 A.B.M (After Blue Mist) five schools were founded especially for children with abilities. One in America, China, Russia, Britain, and Japan.

-It is now the year 1642 A.B.M-

Not much has changed in this future from the time we now live in. Some of the few, major, changes are: the one world currency, all cars are now run by electricity, of course people with special abilities are the norm, most guns are now laser based weapons, McDonald's has been replaced by a fast food chain known as Mark and Rob's burger joint, and schools for the power wielding are basically as numerous as normal public schools. This will be the year of the end of peace and tranquility. This will be the time when heroes are needed to strike down those whom lust for power and world domination. Now is the time for two screw-ups to move to Japan...