Hey... I just want to say a few words before you dive into my poetry. This is something I wrote for English class... we had to write a 'Clock Poem' about a specific hour that we were assigned. I got two o'clock a.m., so this is a poem all about two in the morning... (yay!) Anyway, I didn't quite like the assignment, because it was so limiting: she told us what lines had to be about what... like lines 1 & 2 are about sounds, 3 & 4 about an animal of that hour... etc.

So, really, the reason I'm posting this is because I feel bad that I haven't started Chapter 20 of Born to Be yet... so, Born to Be people, this is for you. I'll try and start working on Chapter 20 soon. So I'll stop rambling now, you can read the poem and review please!

The wind howls mournfully through the barren trees,

The rain drums a solo above my head

The chirp of a cricket is carried away by the breeze

He is nocturnal, as he was born and bred.

The sky, a velvety blue cape with sequins aplenty

Encompasses my world with an eerie blue glow,

I watch as light changes, from two to two-twenty

Waiting for soft dreams to seize me, though the time passes slow.

Others are sleeping, silent as those dead

Or perhaps they are creeping, through their house and into bed.

The hour slips away like a falling treasure chest

It seems so slow while it's happening, but in retrospect it is fast.