Minority Girl

"Oh shit," she said to her image in the mirror.

"Oh shit," again, "oh shit; I kissed her."

She remembered before, the conversation they held in a whisper

She remembered how they both leaned in, and, "Oh god, oh no! I kissed her!"

Her mind came back to that moment of bliss

Analyzing the time before the regretted kiss

But found herself in lustful reminisce

She had nowhere to go, and was too ashamed to repent

She thought long. She thought hard. The room began to swirl

How could she fall head over heels with not a boy, but a girl?

She began to scream at the heavens above

"What the hell did I do to be punished with love?

"Well this is it! I've had enough!"

With so much churning inside, she was about to erupt

"This isn't normal, this isn't right

"I must have been desperate holding her so tight.

"My arms around her, our lust a blight…"

She stopped her rant, locked eyes with her reflection, dropper her head, and cried.

I found this poem half finished in my notebook, and decided that finishing it was a whole lot more fun than Algebra class. I think the last stanza is a little out of place. What do you think?