Dearest Beloved-

I hate you more than you could ever know. Everything about you is completely abhorrent to me. The way your hair falls perfectly around your eyes, playfully bringing them out into a brighter blue (lighting up my world). How when your arms wrap around my body the world suddenly stops its motion and no one else seems to matter. I hate the way you so politely say things even when you don't mean them in a kind way. When in your silence I hear a thousand words with each heartbeat, simply by listening to its rhythm. I simply detest how you can play music so beautifully that it enchants my soul, taking me to the highest heights, and the deepest depths. The way you know each word to say, and when you say them a melodic singsong voice whispers from your lips. Each compliment bringing blushes, and causing me to once again fall from my place of solitude and safety.

I hate each of these things passionately. So wholeheartedly they burn in my soul like the fires of Hell itself. Yet above all, there is one thing about you I hate the most. The way your fingers entwine so absolutely perfectly around my own, like pieces of a human puzzle, so when they are apart it is as if they are broken, and emptiness consumes my soul just looking at this shallow hand before me typing words you shall never read. You kill me inside, and I hate it. I hate you. I hate you so much I love you, and wish that I could be with you forever so I could punish you for this sin you have committed upon my heart. Drawing it from its icy haven and melting it with your fire, until each beat is a painful melancholy happiness, bursting with desire for the one it cannot have. I pray you are happy.

Dismal Beauty