The Bumbling Bumblers who Bumble and Fumble

An organization, I knew once
The leader was really a dunce.
And the name? What a shame.
Those helpful helpers who never help
Because their leader was such a whelp.

But don't get me totally wrong,
Some good came from the throng.
After they came, everything was the same
Because those helpful helpers who actually were made
The difference in the way the foundation was laid.

How did it change, you may hazard ask.
Simply that someone completed the task.
Without the tools from the bumble of fools
Nothing would have come out the work
Except for maybe a moron that would lurk.

So now I lay my head down to rest
In a home that the helpers said was the best.
I don't believe it, even here as I sit.
The helpful helpers, as lame as they were
Did not help me out, of this I am sure.