Things A Robot Would Never Say

-Let's go surfing dude. (His gears would get all wet.)

-I love cookies with raisins in them (No one likes cookies with raisins in them. That's just gross)

-My name is Buckles. (Buckles is a cats name. Not a robots)

-I am not a robot. (He clearly is a robot, why would he lie)

-Please pass me a cigarette. (Robots usually smoke weed, not cigarettes)

-Qddjk (that's not an actual word, so he probably wouldn't be able to say it)

-Look at me; I'm wild and wacky! (Robots are a timid species, and would never intentionally draw attention to themselves)

-This sure is a great day in the 16th century (robots weren't invented until the late 17th century).

-Slippers are comfy! (Robots have metal feet, making any kind of shoes unnecessary)

Any other phrase, a robot would have no problem saying.