Standards for Chairs

"Hi, I'm Derrick; I'm here for the job interview".

Derrick is sitting in a chair. It's a nice chair, but not too nice. Not as nice as the job interviewer's chair.

And Derrick, being the job interviewee has a slightly lower scale chair. But it's still nice.

"Hi, I'm Greg; I will be your new boss, if I decide to hire you".

Greg is sitting in a chair; it's a nice chair, a fair amount nicer than Derricks.

But of course, being the boss means you're the boss and you need the nice chair, and Derrick, being the interviewee doesn't even have a job yet so he doesn't deserve such a nice chair as Greg's.

"I'm Derrick, and I'm qualified for this job".

Derrick still sitting in his chair that is not as nice as Greg's.

"I'm Greg; I can see you are growing envious of my chair".

Greg still sitting in his chair that is nicer than Derrick's.

"I'm Derrick, and I do like a good chair, I mean who doesn't?"

Derrick now growing uneasy for his chair did not live up to Derricks high

standards of chairs.

"I'm Greg, and I like a good chair myself, and my chair is especially nice, while the chair you are currently sitting in is not as nice".

Greg feeling superior in his chair.

"I'm Derrick, the chair at my house is beautiful and nothing you could imagine could ever equal my chair".

Derrick still alive.

"I'm Greg; one could argue that a chair is only as good as the one who occupies it".

Greg feeling like nothing. He was nothing. Nothing mattered. Except for his chair.

"I'm Derrick, I like your point of view, and I have no reason to argue against it. And I like chairs."

Derrick now unsure of his chair knowledge and ability.

"I'm Greg, I like chairs too, but some chairs I am not worthy of, and I believe no one is worthy of, so I keep them locked up in the back, would you like to see them?"

Greg knowing his chairs would amaze Derrick even more than the chair Derrick has at his house.

"I'm Derrick, I do not want to see your precious chairs, for I believe I am not worthy for even my eyes to sit in their beauty, as I could only imagine their beauty, and they would for sure surpass the beauty of the chair at my house, for your knowledge of chairs is amazing and I have lost faith in the chair at my house now".

Derrick existing.

"I'm Greg and I respect you and more importantly your love for chairs"


"I'm Derrick, well I have to go home and tend to my chair, and did I get the job?"

Derrick more worried about the shine of his chair than getting a job.

"I'm Greg, Yes, you've got the job, welcome to 'Couch Making Industries'".