My World


A gas-filled engine running with fervor

A sweet melody dancing with grace and poise

An electric guitar rocking through the night


A single ash blowing with the wind

An empty heart longing for affection

A desolate bridge dying for someone to come


A translucent raindrop sparkling with sun

A tainted stained-glass window beaming in its old age

A glossy magazine page speaking of a truth


A dying ember fading from senescence

A smiling soul shining through a storm

An ancient art disintegrating from much judgment


A beautiful flame ignited by joy

A sparkling diamond made of sheer charm

A golden sun drop gleaming on newly fallen snow


An insatiable thirst searching for hidden treasure

An unsatisfied hunger yearning for new knowledge

A mustard seed growing with curiosity


A fatal hand gripping with a great force

A scarlet mark provoking from pain

A broken mirror distorting images with its angles


A piercing blade puncturing through a small heart

A limb branch breaking with every second

A strong emotion breaking through all truths


Unchangeable, incomprehensible
breathing, feeling, seeing
As unpredictable and ever-changing as the wind
If only one could see; this is life in my world