My Savior

I remember standing in the shadow of the darkness and running to what I couldn't see. But in spite of that, your arms were right there to catch me. I can still feel the warmth of your embrace. I still remember your kind whisper that shattered the layer of ice around my heart. And nights when I cry alone, I remember the night that I was born again into your spirit. I remember the joy you filled me with at that time and how you erased my tears. That day, you engraved love on my heart. Some days, I hate myself while I remember the day I let go and I left you, Father. The day I left, I remember feeling so alone. And yet the speed of my running arose with every new second. I wanted anything but to come back to the love that I had just found. But I knew you were right beside me during every breath that I exhaled. At that time, I refused to face you and refused to take your hand in guidance. I felt your presence beside me, daring me to look towards it. I remember running so hard and straying so far that I passed out in the darkness. When I awoke, though, I felt your kind eyes glare at me and I proceeded to take your hand. I look back at my life before you and my life after you, Jesus. I also remember the times in between when rebellion controlled my soul. Jesus, you are the very reason that I am breathing. I love you and thank you for taking me back.