Thisis the prologue of a story I've been considering and planning for about a year now and have only recently started. It's one of my biggest projects, so reviews would be much appreciated. I want to know if this is at all worth the effort I'm putting into it.

I should warn you that this is a completely different universe, so if you think that something is off or if you plan to ask me what time period this is set in, I'll tell you right away: it's not Earth. It's a different world, and it doesn't matter where it is, just it isn't what you're used to.

Pronunciation guide for introduced names in this chapter:

Teon: Tea-on

Casus: Kay-sis

Ztoki: Zuh-toe-key

Legend tells us that many years ago, there was a man by the name of Teon. Teon was from a land far beyond the sea; so far, in fact, that it was impossible to say where he belonged. He led his people into an unclaimed area of land. Thus far it was nothing but a sanctuary for criminals and refugees, an untamed wilderness filled with magic so great that none of the neighboring kingdoms wanted it.

Of course, legend also tells us that glass originally was made from fallen stars until we corrupted it, so legend isn't really that believable. Which would be why it is called 'legend' and not 'history'.

But history and legend agree that Teon did exist, and that he did come to the untamed land. He and the people he brought with him set about building a country out of it. It is unknown where they came from, and why they left and never returned. All that is certain about them is that they were determined to make a home in this wild land.

So Teon led them in building a country, and he named it Casus, which grew to become synonymous with 'luck' to outsiders.

And Casus did have the greatest of luck. It was a flourishing country. Although they never crossed the ocean that formed their southern border, the people near that side were prosperous from their thriving fish and shell industry. Teon had built his castle about a day and a half's journey from the ocean, right by the mountains.

The mountains, on the western border, were not filled with the most prosperous people, but they seemed to enjoy it, although they made their living off of ore and spent their days in the cold. Still, it was a home for them.

The north was mostly filled with a forest, which was quite large, due to the original state of the country. It abounded with wild animals, but the people from there seemed to like it well enough, just as their counterparts in the mountains and by the ocean did. All in all, it was a very happy country.

The east held another country, whose name has been forgotten by both legend and history alike. Whatever it was called, it was on friendly terms with its neighbor Casus, and was mostly populated by large plains. Casus' large river system may have had something to do with their friendship, but it's always nice to be friendly with your neighbors, and, for Casus, years passed peacefully.

When Teon was a very old man, he left his daughter in charge for a few weeks while he and his entourage went to the neighboring country for extended diplomatic talks. He brought with him his young son Ztoki, who quickly became friends with a group of boys from that country. Maybe they were serving boys, maybe they were the princes, maybe they were just innocent bystanders, but whoever they were, there was a large group of them with Ztoki when this story begins.

The boys went to everyone's favorite place: the hall of mirrors. It was a large room, big enough to fit several thousand people quite comfortably. Ztoki was amazed. There was nothing like this in Casus.

His friends told him, according to legend, that if Casus' luck continued, there would be things of equal or greater wonder in his homeland soon enough. They took him to the mirror-room quite often, and consequently, nothing like that would ever exist in Casus.

One of the boys suggested trying see what the endless reflections would look like from above. They put a mannequin in the center of the room and climbed to the roof from the outside. From there, they slipped in through a window near the top and tried to peer down at it.

Laughing and joking ensued, and the boys eventually started shoving each other around, excited by the novelty of being suspended from the ceiling. But in the resulting chaos, a rope snapped and Ztoki fell to the ground. He was killed instantly, and all the mirrors shattered.

All were to blame. And, we all know what happens when you break a mirror. All were cursed.

Teon insisted that Ztoki's body be shipped back immediately, along with the mirror shards. He was very superstitious, and believed that a body remaining too long away from home would be cursed. In Ztoki's case, of course, this preventative method came too late. But while he prepared to set off himself after the mourning period which banned him from travel, a terrible thing happened.

Something, it is disputed what, but something from the sky fell and crashed into the neighboring country, destroying half of it. The deep crater it left was filled with all sorts of unusual things. For centuries, mysterious reports filled the world about the unusual happenings in that crater.

It is unknown whether Teon tried for home or stayed in the remaining part of the country, or even if he survived the impact. Whatever happened, he never returned to Casus.

Upon receiving the shards of glass with her brother's body, the princess then tried to fix the mirrors. She melted, jammed, tied, or pasted them together with whatever sort of material they could find, and sent it off to sea.

Casus had become an isolated country, any openings through which the people might have left blocked by superstition and sorcery. But the mirror had been repaired, somewhat.

They say it is because of the girl's actions that every seven years, the country of Casus can send out a team of seven explorers to learn about the world around them. Legend tells us that one day, one of these explorers will have the luck to change the fate of his country.

Of course, legend also says that anything is possible.