It's called a scar.

It leaves a mark that will never heal.

It has a story.

Some scars are scary looking, some…kind of boring.

I have two.

I have had one since I was four years old.

It is on my right arm on the upper part of my elbow, if I turn my palm towards me and my elbow away…I don't see it…I can pretend it's not there.

I actually often forget about it unless I'm wearing short sleeves and someone who doesn't know the story asks.

How did I get it? Did I get in a fight? Did I get mauled by an animal? Did I…well it's really quite boring.

I fell down the stairs

I was pushed down the stairs

It was an accident

It was my oldest brother's ninth birthday

I had never broken a bone before and haven't since

My other brother (the one on the stairs with me) gave me a band aid…I was four and thought it helped.

I remember very little of before I finally got my cast.

My cast was yellow. With bears holding balloons on it.

You know how people always get casts signed? I didn't. I was four so none of my friends knew how to write yet and it had the cute bears on it.

They used something that looked like a pizza cutter to slice it off of my arm. I was so scared they were going to cut my arm open with that thing.

I still have the cast.

When I finally got to take it off I took an hour long bath with all my toys.

When you're four and forced to take baths with a garbage bag over your arm and no toys for a month you'd do that too.

The part of my arm that broke was the part that lets you rotate your wrist.

The doctors originally thought it was the part that lets your arm grow.

So if they hadn't fixed it properly…I would have an arm locked in one position…unable to twist it in anyway. Pretty inconvenient.

Although…I'm pretty glad it wasn't the part that lets your arm grow…growth plate I believe it is called…because otherwise my entire right arm…would be smaller than my forearm is right now.

I'd be a freak

What's a freak?

Is having a scar kind of like having a tattoo?

Maybe that'll be my excuse I give when I die without a tattoo. I've had one for years, why should I add another to it?

I don't want to tell another person the story.

It's getting boring.

Sixteen years. Sixteen years I've had this scar and been able to tell this story.

I don't care anymore I'm ready for it to just go away.