Time stops, halted by some unseen force.

Worries cease as the lights burn low.

Thoughts are obliterated by Technicolor lights,

Whose wavelength's threaten to destroy the spectrum.

Forget those laws, and rules, and theories.

Their constraints can not exist in here.

The music flows; a slinking, silky snake,

Smoothly entangling itself in your hair.

The crowd roars; an animalistic, synthesized clan

Stomping, dancing, and screaming itself raw at the pleasure

The band leads; a charged electric force

Casting its spell by forcing your heart from its cage.

This is the true Paradise.

The demigod band bows out from the rain of applause,

And the enlightened crowd pours out of the building

Blind, deaf and dumb; longing to keep this feeling in their souls.

Blow out the lights and robe yourself in dusk,

Keep your eyes and ears closed tight.

Worries and thoughts are still kept at bay,

Though no more do music or lasers guard their cell.

Return to this world with knowledge of Heaven

Brace yourself against what you know will hurt.

Graze the surface of society, calmly prowl its edges

While vowing to steer clear and to never be pulled back.