Forest Green Morning

Sunbeams through the curtains
Fresh cool breeze
A good stretch and yawn
Good morning world

Distant ocean waves splash along the shore line
Children laugh as they walk to school
Sheets still disheveled from a good nights rest
The day begins and I am ready

Earl Grey greets my lips
Bare feet on cool concrete
My smile will stretch for miles
It's a good day to be alive

Sneakers are too conservative
They smother your feet with socks and rubber
Freedom is wearing sandals down Main Street
I can think of nothing better

The market is alive and busy
Vendors hawking their goods
Freshly baked bread and the morning catch
Hand-crafted jewelry and antique books

It's a fool's fortune to find a diamond in the rough
Forest green, worn edges and a silver mandolin
Three dollars even
The little things in life

A graceful exist
Down the dirt path to the grassy knoll
An old tree embraces a new friend
Welcome whisper the leaves
There is time to sit and rest