I would of never thought

that it was real,

and maybe I still don't.

I don't believe,

I don't think I'm able to.

If it was ever real,

It wouldn't show itself to me.

Maybe I've never seen it,

because maybe,

I don't know what it looks like.

I've heard of it,

heard rumors, and tales, and stories.

but that's all,

just stories,

as if it were a mere myth.

Some say they've seen it, felt it.

But I ignore their words,

for what is the use?

I will never see it, feel it.

It will never be there for me.

what could it be?

what could I want, but never have?

the thought of it is so powerful,

but knowing it is even more.

I will never have that power, that feeling.

I will never believe in love.