What a misery

To see those words dangling from your lips

Just waiting to be said.

They swing to and fro, begging you pitifully

To finally be released from under your tongue.

Seconds tick by as they scream up at you,

Shrieking for freedom from inside your warm mouth.

Do you ever choke on these words?

I've always wondered if you could view yourself

Through outside eyes.

Can you see the same words I see?

The same bite and the poison,

It leaks into your vowels from deep in your blood.

Spectacular, shining, manipulative, stinging

My fingertips with their abundance of undeserved arrogance.

Will you ever free the captive words?

I already know how you truly feel, so

Why hold back?

Abolish the slavery of kind words

And let fly the slurs you so desperately protect

For protecting me any longer will be the death of you.

Your ego is the only reason I still stand beside you, your Queen.

Your words are sheltered and oh so frightening.

Set them free. Insult me.

I shall not behead you for this betrayal.

What a misery to see those words dangling from your lips.