Author- Tsuki no Reikou

In the depths of the red sea,

I find myself with him and me.

Of all smells, it was of bitter sweet,

The same smell of when we first meet.

Fragrance of the deadly red rose,

All around us, tainting the air where ever it goes.

Warnings from everyone, I ignored all the facts,

I see now it turned of red to black.

A/N- If it made at least a little bit of sense, then thank Inari cause I thought it made no sense when I reread it. -sweatdrops- If anyone's confused, I'll explain a little bit. The 'red sea' is a field of red roses. Basically, this poem is about how the red roses were really black ones in disguise and black roses generally represents death.

Now you draw the conclusion.

(And please don't point out grammatical errors cause I know they're there but I wanted to include it since it gives it a distinct style)