As I write I cry.

The pain I feel is unbearable.

I want to hate you so bad.

Isn't it sad?

I want to be mad at you and never forgive

But that's just not me

I want to be mad at the world

Why, God? Why does it seem like all I do is suffer

Even in times when I seem to be happy

But I'm not.

What's wrong with me?

Can't anyone care?

Care enough to see what's really wrong?

Care enough to see that I'm dying inside

I'm slipping away and no one sees

No one sees what's really going on inside of me.

I don't want to love

If no one's going to love me back

There's no point

Life has no meaning that way.

I'm leaving in a world where I'm mute.

No one hears me

My words don't matter

I don't matter

Tell me, what's the point?

God help me.

All I want to do is cry

Cry all my tears away

Cry away all the sadness and the fear

This is no way to live and I know it

I'm sad but I can't show it.

What do I do?

When there's no one to call

What do I do?

When there's no one to catch me

When I fall.

I live, I breathe.

Finally, I'm alive.

Thank you, God.

You were the one to save me.