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Two men walked to an alter. A picture of a young girl floated above it, another man, much older than the other two, stepped behind the alter.

"See this girl? This girl is your next assignment. You must make sure this one does not end up like the others that you two have been assigned to," the kind voice turned sour hissed at the two, "You know what this girl is capable of, wait until the time is right…Understand?"

The tall man went up to the alter and grabbed the picture, "Understood…"

The two men then set out to find this girl, but fortunately for them, she found them…

A girl, of her fourteenth year, was running for her life. Her heart pounded as she got closer and closer to her destination. She saw more people going towards where she needed to be, her forced her legs to carry her faster. She soon could only hear the loud, painful thumping of her heart. She approached a man, her throat dry, her palms sweating, "Do you have the new video game system in yet!?!"

"Hm…? Oh, you…no…don't you have something better to do than bug me kid?" said the sour old man across her.

The girl frowned and spun on her heel, stomping out of the electronics store. A boy came running after her. When he caught up with her he stared at her, "Well? Or did we just run here for nothing while I could have gone to get something to eat…"

The girl poked her tongue out at the boy, "Please, Victor, like you really couldn't have just went there and ate…"

Victor smiled, "But, Ghazal, what would I do by myself? I would be very lonely without your obnoxious, loud voice!"

Ghazal playfully kicked him in the shin and grabbed him by the arm, "Come on, Vicky, let's get you something to eat so you don't bite my head off…I doubt my boyfriend would like that, hm?"

Victor laughed and held her arm in his, "No, I would think he wouldn't! Aren't you glad you came with me to that party? And what have I told you about calling me that…"

The two friends laughed and raced toward the food court in the mall. Ghazal tripped Victor as she took the lead to the table, "And she takes the gold me—"

"What…? Oh shit…" Victor said as he saw the sight in front of him.

A couple making out. It would not be that surprising to find two teenagers having fun in the mall, as they usually do, however, the boy of this couple was already taken…taken by Ghazal. Ghazal just stared at the boy she thought loved, loved is now too strong of a word now, liked her. She smiled at the fact she signed up for this.

The boy grunted happily, blissfully aware that his girlfriend was watching, "Heh, this has to be the better ones I've had lately…"

The girl frowned feeling his lips gone, "I bet…" She giggled as she felt his hand slip down, under her skirt, "You are such a flirt!"

The boy laughed and kissed her again, keeping one eye open to see who was around, then pulled away from her, "Ghazal!"

Ghazal promptly cracked. Her head fell to her chest and she started shaking. Sharp, harsh, bitter laughter erupted from her mouth. She shook so hard she laughed harder. The laughter that came out of her mouth was something you would never what to hear from anyone. It was a forced out laughter that bit at your ears, your ears begging for the torture to end.

Ghazal just laughed harder as her boyfriend came to her, the boy was a handsome young man, He was of the same age as Ghazal, much taller though, his dark olive skin was very nicely complemented by his jet black hair, "Ghazal…It…she…I love you!"

The boy grabbed her and hugged her tightly, "I love you…I just…I love you…"

Ghazal stopped laughing and stared, she pushed him off her. She looked at him, her face was freezing, no emotion what so ever. Slowly, a smirk crawled on her face, "Oh, baby…I know you love me! And I love you, too… I really now know how much you love me! Especially since you just came back from playing tongue hockey with this bitch…Oh, Tyler, I really know how much you love me now! Please, don't let me stop you from eventually fucking her! Show how much you really love me…"

Her hand went to his face, she cradled his cheek in her hand. Tyler inwardly sighed, relieved that she wasn't going to slap him. His relief was short lived as his jaw made a sickening crack sound. Ghazal punched him and smiled at the sound of his pain. Tyler was taken back, although pleased. He couldn't help but think that his girlfriend was awesome because she punches instead of slaps. Ghazal saw this smile and began to smile herself.

"Well, I am glad you enjoyed grabbing that girl's ass and kissing her…because you see this? You can't touch it now and unless you can kiss it…I suggest you never speak to me, look at me, or come even near me…" she said pointing to her rear end, "Oh, but if you didn't quite get that…You are dumped."

She spun on her heels, started walking when a hand shot out and grabbed hers, "Ghazal…"

She turned to see Victor's emerald eyes gleaming with concern. She gave him a broken smile and broke into a run. Victor let her go, too in shock, she was crying. Victor has seen her shed a tear, but only that when she laughs too hard, Ghazal never cries unless it really hurts. Victor turned to Tyler.

The girl already left, somewhere off now with another guy. Victor approached Tyler and grabbed him by the shirt collar, "You bastard!"

Tyler wiped off some of the blood on his lip and looked at Victor. Victor stared into Tyler's eyes. They had the immediate façade of not caring about the heart he just smashed, but the fact that Tyler himself was hurt that the girl he really did love ran off. Victor let go of Tyler's shirt and stared at him, emotionless, "You do know, she did love you…and probably still does…I thought you really did love her too. Or is it that you do, but you have no idea how to deal with a true girlfriend? I told her that it might end, but not like this…How youth betrays itself…"

Victor ran off to follow his friend and left Tyler there to fester in his own troubles. Ghazal blindly ran out of the mall. She just let her legs carry her anywhere they felt was right. She was too busy trying to make the tears stop from bubbling up. She was so busy trying to kill her emotions so that she felt no pain. But, the more she did, the more her emotions bit back and came back tenfold. She was so busy; she did not notice the man in front of her.

She ran into him, head first and almost knocked him over, "Oh! I am so sorry!"

She looked at him and her heart stopped. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was eighteen years old, but looked so mature that he could very well pass as a twenty-one year old. He had ice blue eyes, 'Icy silver,' thought Ghazal. His hair was neatly combed back; a few chocolate strands fell in front of his face. The chocolate mop was short enough that when combed back made small, but soft, tufts of spikes on the back of his head. He was absolutely gorgeous.

'Damn, this guy is sexy…' thought Ghazal. She swallowed lightly, "Again, I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

The man looked down at her, his icy silver eyes glinting in the light from the setting sun. He smiled, "It is fine, love. Anything the matter? You are crying…"

Once again, Ghazal was taken back from this man, he was English! He did not have the gutter English accent, but the refined handsome English accent. She was wiped off the tears, "Oh…nothing…I just saw my boyfriend cheat on me…He had the balls to say he loved me afterwards."

The man was about to say something when Victor came running. The man frowned. He was disappointed that he was interrupted by this young boy running toward Ghazal, but also that someone dared to do such a thing to her. Victor came running up to Ghazal and grabbed her arm, "Are you alright? Who are you?"

Victor stared at the man. The man snapped out of his thoughts and opened his mouth, "Sorry, she was running and I was not able to tell her I was here so we bumped into each other. I was just making sure she was fine. Well, it seems that you have a lovely man here to take care of you. With this, I bid you a saddened farewell, my dear."

The man walked off down a street. Victor grabbed Ghazal and they both walked in silence to his house. They knew that it was bound to happen. All the shit that has happened. Ghazal was surprised to even have a friend left. She knew that it was her fault for hurting Victor and Tyler. But, she is only fourteen, what could one expect? Ghazal took a glance and Victor, "Thanks V."

Victor was snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the girl beside him. He stared at the now shattered girl in front of him. She was broken when Tyler and she started to go out. Slowly, the pieces were broken, falling to the ground to break even more. In one event, she was completely shattered from the inside out. Victor grabbed her from the shoulder and leaned his head on her. She hugged him, wrapping her arm around his waist, "You know…It was bound to happen."

Ghazal sighed and looked up at Victor, "I know, but, I am sorry again…All the shit I put you through…I really don't see any point in anyone even knowing me…"

Victor grabbed Ghazal and looked at her straight in the eye, "You knew this was going to happen, it did, but only because of you own stupidity, right? Then stop pouting, you experimented, you chose the wrong guy, that guy crushed you."

Ghazal laughed, "Yep! I should have broken up with him when I wanted to, huh? It would have made life a lot easier. Although, if I did pick you over Tyler…You think we would have the same relationship?"

Victor stopped and thought, he hugged Ghazal, "No, I guess not. It would have made it pretty awkward. After all, you need a best friend, right? Someone to spill all your guts to? Whatever happened to you and Siren I will never understand, but I won't stop caring for you and liking you to the point of a crazed crush."

Ghazal smiled and hugged him back, "Thanks Victor…I guess we will just be the best friends that like each other, but never got with each other because of circumstances, huh? At least, then, we can tell each other anything."

A pair of golden eyes observed the two from a rooftop, "Are you sure it is time for us to get her? Seems of a bit horrible time, don't you think?"

The man with icy silver eyes walked to the man with gold, "Yes…She is shattered and we can build her back up again. Although, that boy, Tyler? Yes, Tyler…He will pose as a problem to us. We have to make sure he doesn't know about anything that happens. He really does love her, but has an odd way to show it. And that boy Victor? Yes, he cares for her too, immensely. She was torn between two men, she chose to stick with the one that was unsure, and ended up hurting others around her…and even more so, herself."

The man with golden eyes stared hard at the man with iced silver, "How do you know all of this? Have you been watching her for a longer time than I have? You are not supposed to get attached to your assignments…isn't that what caused last time?"

The man with iced silver frowned, "Yes, but, it seemed that it was not shared," the man shifted uncomfortably, "And…yes…what of it that I watched her before she was my assignment?"

The man with gold smiled, "Funny, a girl with three men after her. And she being unwilling to pick one because they all have certain traits…Of course, the third she has yet to know isn't that right?"

The man with iced silver smiled and leaned back, "Yes…and I hope she likes it."

The two men seemed to disappear as a dark cloud came about them and send them to another place. Victor walked Ghazal home, waiting to see her again the next day at school. Ghazal gave him a hug good bye and waved to him from her window in her room. Victor stared at Ghazal's room and put his hands on his head. He walked slowly across the street to where he lived. He ran to his door and looked back at the house. Even through a house and walls, he could feel the pain that Ghazal was feeling now.

Ghazal stared back at Victor until he went inside. She considered that her luck was still with her still have a best friend…she missed Siren though. Ghazal jumped on her bed and grabbed her wolf stuffed toy and stared at the picture of a girl with long red hair. She and Ghazal were preparing a prank on Tyler. Ghazal buried her head into the stuffed toy, "Siren…when did we stop being friends? I'm sorry…"

Two iced silver eyes stared at the teen in her bed. He put his hand on the window and appeared to glide right through the wall and glass. He looked at Ghazal and picked her up. He tucked her under her covers and put the wolf toy next to her head. He looked at her and ran his hand through her hair. He was finally able to touch the soft curls of her light brown hair. He smiled sweetly and walked to one of her dressers. He opened one of the drawers and picked up a black box. 'How she never saw this here is a wonder…' he thought as he put it in his pant pocket.

He walked out of the house and continued on his way to Lake View Christian High. On to locker number six hundred and thirty-six.

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