AN 12/26/08: I have revamped this fic! The errors should all be fixed (spell, etc) and I have added almost 700 words to Ending 1, as well as a preview to the upcoming 'Bad Blood Series' (chap 5) ENJOY!

Old Summary: In a Florida high school a small group of friends finds out that what the administrators hide from them isn't always safe for them, especially when it is a deadly, flesh eating disease. This is loosely based on real life experiences in my school. 2 Endings

-Before the story begins here are some quick details about the main characters!-

Sarah: Tall (not too tall), Skinny. Brown eyes. Medium length blond/brown hair. Very disturbing mind. Junior

Amy: Average height, slightly overweight. Brown eyes. Dyed blue hair (normally dark brown) loves her dog, and annoying holly. Part Chinese. Senior

Jessica: Average height. Overweight, long dyed black and red hair (normally dirty blond, usually up). Hazel blue eyes. Loves writing. Part German/Irish. Senior

Jessica (AKA: Chibi) Short. long, curly bleach blond hair. Brown eyes. Very friendly and loves chocolate and Chinese food. Senior

Elizabeth (AKA: Berri) Average height, medium length purple and black hair. (Almost Always Up) Slightly overweight. Loves softball. Senior

Holly: Short. (taller than chibi) Short, light brown hair. (Always down) brown eyes. Loves shorts. Annoyed by Amy. Senior


Samantha (AKA: Sam) Average height. Slightly overweight. Long blond hair. BLUISH eyes. Absent minded. Loves anime. Junior


Whitney: Short (Taller than holly and Chibi) wears glasses. Has brown eyes. Senior


Prolog "Infecting The Masses"

Hundreds of feet traipsed across the crowded hallways. Elbows and binders digging into people's back;, pens and pencils stabbing unsuspecting victims. Groups of people cluttered the already congested hallways. But most of all, germs were spreading.

Sarah quickly made her way through the hordes of bodies that littered the hallway, squeezing into every available space as she headed for the bathroom. Opening the door with her free hand she walked inside and into the nearest semi-unclean bathroom stall. Other girls were complaining of pee on the seats and other nasty things left in the bathroom as she was leaving, Sarah, thankful that she wasn't one of them. "Sarah!" she turned around to face Jessica, one of her friends. Her long black and red hair was down and she was wearing an airy black sweater like jacket. "Oh, hey!" her other friend Amy was trailing behind Jessica. "It's spreading! Don't touch anything!" Sarah looked at Jessica quizzically. Jessica turned to Amy. "You didn't tell her yet, did you? Amy shook her head. "No!" Jessica turns back to Sarah as they headed down the hall. "Well, we were talking about this earlier…"


Jessica, Amy, Tati and Crystal were all standing stationary by the brick wall near the flight of stairs on the second floor of their school. Tati had only just arrived and was clutching her cup of coffee to her chest possessively. "So what's going on?" Jessica looked at Amy and she shrugged. "Ok, well you know about that cheerleader who got that std that's not really an std on her arm right?" Tati nodded still not clear as to what was going on. "Well now it's spreading, another girl had gotten it, it's all on her face. I hear it was on her eye and it is gross." Tati made a face and waddled closer to the group for warmth.

"Why haven't we heard anything about this in school yet?" Tati asked. "That's the thing, one of the girls classmates parents called asking about it, but the office said that there was nothing like that going on to their knowledge."

"They're keeping it a secret." Amy chimed in. "I heard the other cheerleaders are scared that they have it." Crystal moved slightly before speaking. "I have classes with all of them, but I sit on the other side of the room. I should know who it is by the end of the day." Jessica laughed "Aren't you lucky." She moved away when a person walking up the stairs passed by. "But from what I have heard, half the school could have it and not even know it, all because they let her back in school and didn't announce it."

-End Flashback-

"Oh, that's sick and where did she get that?" Sarah asked her two friends, "Nobody knows, but it's got to make you wonder what they were doing..." Sarah cringed. "Don't touch anyone in the hallways if you can help it. Anyone or everyone could have this. Use Purell as much as you can." Jessica said to her friends. The warning bell began to chime. "Oh and if you have any open cuts, bandage it or you can get it...or you could already have it." Amy called out as she walked into her class.

Jessica looked at the cut on her hand but decided to ignore it. She walked into her classroom and sat down after getting her work. Starting on her Algebra 1b work, she leaned on the table to stop her zipper from falling. Later as the bell rang, she realized that she had never put her jacket over her arms but thinking that the table was probably clean didn't think of it again. Later in the day, around third period, Jessica walked back into 3d Art with a headache. She spotted Elizabeth easily since she was at the end of the table. She also saw Amy, Holly and Crystal but not Chibi. "I'm going to kill her, she's not here again!" She quickly dodged the other students and settled down quietly into her seat.

She held her head in her hands and groaned. Amy was slowly munching away on some kind of snack bar as Holly diligently started on the day's work. Crystal sat silently looking at Jessica for a moment before working. "I need Advil!" she whined. Pushing the ceramics book away from her she moved her backpack closer to her, sliding it on the table. She rummaged through the various compartments and objects in her bag until she obscured two candy coated Advil. Grabbing her water, she downed the medicine quickly.

She looked around and noticed that many people were sleeping or simply sitting there, looking exhausted. "Hey Amy, do you see anything strange with our class?" Amy looked up from her camera. "Everything is quiet?" Jessica nodded as Holly looked at them. "It's kind of weird..." Someone's cell phone rang and the entire class looked towards a girl with short, brown hair who was sleeping. "Okay...strange...When exactly is this class going to end?" Elizabeth ignored her and continued to squint at the words on the overhead and Amy shrugged going back to eating, Jessica groaned. This was going to be a very long day.

Over the next few remaining hours of that school day, the small group encountered many other strange occurrences such as the event in third period. By lunch, Jessica was annoyed. "In every class there are like seven people who are acting like zombies, it's frustrating because if they don't get up, I have to go open the damn door when someone knocks on it! God!" She raised her hand up and stopped herself from getting any angrier than she already was. Holly laughed but agreed with her about the catatonic state people seemed to be in. "I think it's just that they're getting used to school after two weeks off." Jessica sighed and tried to go to sleep using her backpack as a pillow, she was tired. She was surprised when the bell to sixth period rang, it didn't feel like she had fallen asleep.

Blinking sleepily, she grabbed her backpack after waving goodbye to Holly. Apparently, Whitney had never showed. Her sixth period had been boring and she had read her book all period. She had never been so happy to have the bell ring. Walking to her seventh period had been hell, people walked like slugs and Jessica had wished she could have just shoved them out of her way instead of just swearing as she passed by. Walking across the grass, once she was already downstairs, was the only way of making it to class on time.

Getting into the doorway as the warning song began to play; she weaved past the other students and chairs and sat next to Sarah. Sarah smiled when she turned to Jessica. "I heard that the cheerleader got it from someone on the wrestling team. I need to ask this person more so we can be prepared."

"Great, another person to worry about, that makes at least three people so far! Ugh! If I get it, I swear I'm bringing my sword to school and killing that bitch! But not before giving it to people I hate first." Sarah laughed, "You better tell me so I can stay home that week!" Jessica nodded.

They talked more in depth about that subject but had begun to write their parody of that annoying song 'Ferg-alishious', It was called 'Herp-alishous". She and Sarah worked on that and their assignments until the final bell.

AN: Well that was the first chapter and all of that is what actually happened in school and all of that was actually said. From now on (with the exception of the first two paragraphs, and the 'purell' scene minus the gory person) however, it is all fictional.