AN 1: ok for those who didn't look at the title, or the other AN on chapter 1, htis story is now edited! There are also a few extra's in each chapter as well as almost 700 extra words in ending 1!!!!

AN 2: After nearly 2 years in hibernation I have decided to revamp Bad Blood (as well as finally beta the damned thing, so no more typo's!) and write a varying amount of related sequels. These are just the three I have planned, but there could very well be more in the future. They probably won't be all that long, no longer than the original "Bad Blood", but who knows. I'm going for quality over quantity here, and while my writing style is much the same I might try a few new things. So I hope you will enjoy these when they come out. Probably within the next few weeks.

"Bad Blood : By Light of Dawn" :

After the events in "Bad Blood: ending 1", follow the outbreak and

infection of the virus with new people and a new state. 'James rose

his tanned arm and with bile rising in his throat, stared at the newly

forming blisters.'

"Bad Blood: Daybreak" :

After the events in "Bad Blood: Ending 2 ", follow the outbreak, infection

and mutation of the virus in a different state. 'Jennifer stopped

short and watched the figure in front of her with wide eyes. With the

bloody and torn clothing, missing limbs and strange soulless eyes, the

thing in front of her could only be one thing. A zombie.'

"Bad Blood: Berri's Story" :

Ever wonder what happened to Berri who had ,by some stroke of luck,

gotten out of school before everything went down? This is her

version of events during the original story. Has two endings, each one

following one of the two scenarios presented in the preceding story.