Flying Blind The War Jacket

Flying blind the war jacket

Bloodstained in the sky

Was anyone present when this man was born?

Did any of us see him die?

Flying blind a tribute jacket

Ashes round the dirt

Could everyone, please, put their gun down a moment

Just to see all of his hurt


It doesn't matter whose side he fought for

Or if he even fought well

Just take a look at his war jacket

He was wearing it just as he fell

Does anyone know how profound a life can be?

Or how many peaople he was dear to?

Let us raise up high his war jacket.

Maybe we'll notice when the night is new.

Nobody here objected, they were all busy saving themselves.

No screams nor protest were spoken aloud.

Until they see a fellow mans war jacket.

Flying solitary under sky and cloud.


Back home, underneath that very same sky

A heart will soon be broken

Just the first heart of all of those lives that he touched -

Left a smile, a wave or token

She'll weep cold tears soon tonight

Cradling the baby in its blanket

It will never grow up with a father at hand

Simply know of his headstone and casket


The body still lies in the mud and the grime

As gunpowder smoke floats on gently

His eyes however are forever shut

Surely this one mans life to take is plenty?

But everyone continues - no looks to the sky

Where his jacket is raised up on high

Nobody notices or takes a moment

To think they may be the next to die.


Flying blind his war jacket

Of a man who didn't even want to fight

What use was there in such violence?

What use was there in such needless plight?

Just like the millions who will follow next?

How will their deaths settle any score?

He was once man with so much to give.

But now he's waiting at heaven's door.


Flying blind his war jacket

Patented red in the sun

Has anyone stopped to pay their respects?

Will he be remembered when the battle is won?

In a moment, another will fall

and in the next, another ten.

Will all their war clothes rise to the sky?

Will it all be repeated again?