What if you could just walk away,

Would you?

Would you turn away,

And forget everything that ever happened between us?


(I miss you,

The real you.)


You said you would end this,

Long ago.

And you never did.

This liar wasn't meant to be you.

You weren't meant to be this liar.


(I'm still in disbelief.

Why did I ever believe you?)


So here I am again,


Just waiting.

Just crying in this rain,

Waiting for you.


(Crying that you will stop this,

But you never will.)


And every time you do this to yourself,

I'm reminded how scared I can be,

How scared am I that you'll never wake up,

Wake up and realize…

You're dying.


(It's killing you,

And by doing nothing, I'm killing you.)


You used to be happy.

I remember those days…

Simple bliss were they.

Now you're always high,

But never high on happiness,

Like you always used to be.


(I'm afraid it's over.

I can't take this… I can't take you anymore.)


These are the last words you'll ever read,

The last ones that I will ever write to you.

Until you sober up,

You'll never be with me.


(Don't you see?

By killing yourself, you're killing me…)


This is a sweet adieu.

I'll probably regret this tomorrow…

But I hope you'll learn something.

I love you, but you're killing me…

So this is the last goodbye,

That you'll ever read from me.