He's Just Teasing Rewrite Chapter One

Ding Dong!

That would be my door bell. It's quite annoying, actually. The whole city of Sacremento was annoying, actually. I've only managed to be here three days and I was completely ready to move back to Washington, D.C.

"Would somebody please get the damn door?!"

That would be my mom, screaming her head off from her bedroom. Our house is so huge that we all got matching cell phones so we could call each other when we weren't together...Not that my mom had been keeping her's charged yet; it was either dead or turned off everytime I tried to call her.

"Fine!" My sister yelled.

There's something you should probably know about my sister... She's, well-

"WHO THE HEL-lo, yeah, hi, how can I help you?" She cooed.

Hmph. That must be a man... My sister, you see, is kind of a slut, a whore, whatever you want to call her.

"Hey, my dad told me to come over and introduce myself." The guy said.

"Oh, well, come on in." She replied.

From my room, I heard the door squeak open... She's letting him in? Ugh. We don't even know this guy and she's letting him in our house? I swear, she's going to get us all raped and murdered by the end of the week.

"Oh-uh, yeah, and he wanted me to bring these." He said, shifting uncomfortably in his shoes. "He made them."

These? Ahh, food, definitly. His father must be a chef or a cook somewhere. A wiff of something overtook me. Chef, definitly. It was brownies--it had to be. The man could make brownies. Whoever the guy was, rapist or not, he had my vote.

"These are like, soo good!" She squealed.

I heard the guy chuckle and say thanks.

"Jaaaaaaaaaaaacey!" She drawled.

NO! NOT ME. please, please not me.

Oh don't be a baby. How bad could it be?

"Jacey! Get down here!" She squealed.

I slowly trudged down the stairs and into what was going to eventually, be our kitchen... Well, it already was our kitchen, it just wasn't full of our shit yet.

"What do you want, dipshit?" I asked irritably.

"Jacey, chill. Meet Tyler. He lives next door. Isn't that just greaaat?" She asked, she flipped her blonde locks. "He's such a cutie!"

"Awesome." I replied, matching her entusiasm level with sarcasm. "Moooooooooom!"

Ring! Ring!

My phone. Ugh- stupid, stupid phone. I reached into my pocket and opened it. I watched as Taylor then made her way over to Tyler again and continued to through herself at him... Erm, well, you get what I mean.

"Yes, mother?" I asked.

"Ahh, thank the Lord it's finally charged. It's been alll day since I plugged it in." She groaned.

"Mom, it's been like... two hours." I corrected.

"So? It's certainly felt like it's been all day."

"Yeah, so anyway, we have a guest downstairs if you'd like to meet him." I said, eyeing this Tyler boy.

"Him?" She asked coyly. "Like, a guest for you, me or your sister?"

"Sorry, mother dearest. Looks like a guest for Taylor."

I heard my mom sigh deeply. "Alright, then. I'll be down in a minute."

I chuckled when I looked back up to Taylor, who was now showing Tyler her tattoo, which was convieniently placed barely above her underwear line.

"Taylor, honey, can you wait until we know the boy first before you attempt to take his money?" My mother grunted from behind me.

"Fine." She hissed, sending me a death look. "But sor-ry for just saying hullo to the boy."

"I forgive you." She said automatically. "Now go finish unpacking."

Taylor huffed up to her room, followed by a dramatic door slam.

"So, young man." My mother started coldly, giving him our family's signature death look.

"Yes, ma'am?" He asked. He looked cute, I suppose, and he was really tall. He mostly looked uncomfortable, though.

"How old are you?" She asked.

"I'm a Junior in high school, ma'am. I'm seventeen." He replied.

"Mhm." She replied, putting her finger to her chin.

"Mom, he brought brownies." I said shyly. I pointed to where Taylor had set the pan on the counter.

"Brownies?" She asked. She was just as suprised as I was. None of our neighbors were that nice on the first day of us being somewhere.

"Yes, ma'am. My dad's a chef at the Triumph, and he whipped up a batch of cookies for your family right before he left for work." He replied. "I hope you enjoy them."

"A chef, huh? What does your mother do?"

"My parents are divorced. They have been since I was ten. My mom is remarried and doesn't work anymore."

Hah. He must've been through his routine before. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it. Odviously, he was just as well versed in 'help your single parent get a partner' as I was. Maybe knowing this boy wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Jacey, I think you'd find this boy's company the most pleasant." She said pleasantly.

"What?!" I screeched. NOTE TO SELF:: Scratch that thought about not being so bad to be this kid's friend. "No way in hell!"

"Jacey! Language!" My mom shushed.

"Sorry, it slipped."

"He's your age, Jacey, and his father is single." She whispered. "This could work."

"How do you know that he OR his father are single, hmm?" I said, my voice raised.

"We aren't attached to anyone, if that makes a difference, ma'am." Tyler said behind my mother's shoulder. Well, it was probably a lie, but it certainly made my mother happy.

"See? You'll be perfect for each other." She smirked. "Tyler, dear, when can I meet your father?"

"Tonight, if you want. Dinner should be ready around seven-thirty." He offered weakly. He wasn't sweating (thankfully. How gross would it have been if he was? REALLY gross, that's how gross.)

"Lovely." She smirked. "Jacey and I will be there."

I waited for my mother to show him the door and quiz him further about his father, before screaming.

"Mother! You know good and well that I don't do boys!" I hissed.

"Excuse me?" She stuttered, her drawn on eyebrows raising.

"I've never had a boyfriend!"

"...Does that make you gay or something?" She asked. Her nose wrinkled in distaste. "Really Jacey, that is so taboo."

"No, that doesn't make me gay, mother. Just really... really inexperienced." I replied. "That's not good with a boy--a boy like... that."

"Well then, I suppose you'll be getting some practice. Experience. Whatever."

"No way." I yelled. "Not with him. Not now; not ever."

"Be ready by seven, dear." She said, leaving the room abruptly.


I stomped up to my room and started going through the numerous boxes I hadn't gotten around to unpacking yet. Box labeled 'JACEY'S CLOTHES! don't touch!' I pulled out something decent to wear and threw it on my bed.

"I hate this!" I screamed to myself.

"No kidding. He was hawt." I heard from the door. By assuming the way she pronounced the word 'hot' I assumed that it was Taylor.

I turned around and stared at her with a raised eyebrow. I kind of thought about asking her to go screw herself, then shove her head down the toilet for even thinking about coming into my room without permission-- but I decided to be nice and just reply with a,

"Say what?"

"My baby sister is going on a date with a hot guy that I wanted and almost had." She replied. "And I would've had him, too, if mom hadn't said he was off limits."

I threw my pillow at her face, hitting her square in the nose with a 'Thud!',causing her to start cursing.

"You evil little whore! Now my beautiful face will look as horrible as yours does." She screamed.

"Don't worry, dipshit," I assured her. "It didn't take much."

I locked my bedroom door and walked into my bathroom. At the moment, I wanted it as steamy as it would get. I waited until the glass door steamed over to strip off all my clothes. I pinned my hair back because I didn't feel like washing it before we left for dinner.

I took my time, scrubbing myself over with the body wash, knowing that I couldn't be late if I tried. When I finally finished getting ready, suprise, suprise, my clock read only a bold 6:55.