she could feel her hands growing numb
and they were shaking, the bones rattling, afraid
her life (uneventful, unimportant) her body shunned
and the air was silent as the piper was paid

listless she sat, her body felt like lead
it was a tragedy, she thought, to be so useless, wasted
and she cried tears of silver, bronze, and gold
as her body of lead was harshly bound and sold

beauty rested on her features of
blue lips and white skin
her eyes were not devoid of love
though she tried to keep most emotions within

alas, her beauty was part of a weakened state
her uninteresting life clouded for the first time with hate
so susceptible was she to her fears
that her body could not take the strain or put a stop to the tears

but fear not for she does rest in peaceful slumber
it is her body that has taken on a number
it is her body that screams for release or relentment
of the terrible feeling that grew from a little resentment