naked (they called it glorious)
down on one knee, ring box in one hand
a squashed rose in the other
(how do you keep your balance down there?)

naked (it's not very glorious)
the two of us in bed, awkward and unsure
thinking secretly of the other's flaws
(reality always hid the realistic from our eyes)

naked (it's downright hideous)
before the lord, cross in hand
praying for anything to get you beautiful again
(because beauty can mean a thousand things)

naked (why glorious?)
word of mouth and actions alike, mind - body – soul
trying to fit into that dress or suit we ordered
(because naked we were born, but we like to change things)

crawling in the dirt, washing in the sewage
humbling yourself before those who claimed to be better
(you are beautiful when you are as you have always been)