missing class
(for all the right reasons);
watching the discovery channel;
driving around
(with no true route of course, 'cause that would be boring);
more ridiculous and random
and wonderful and lovely conversations
than i'd ever have room to document;
the most beautiful ten dollar ring i have ever seen in my entire life.

everything i could have hoped
for, and so much more.

the catch:
tomorrow, for the first time
in what feels like forever, i
will be waking up in an
empty bed
(and i'm not sure how
that's going to go).

falling asleep
and waking up
without you…

…takes time
to get
used to.

the days, they are not long, and
they pass quickly enough
and soon, soon i'll be in your arms
once again.

i miss you but,
i guess you could say,
seeing that smile for the first time
(in a week or two or three)
makes it all the more worthwhile.

and i know for a fact that we'll be better(stronger) in the