A/N: I'm warning you now, so please don't flame me for this, but SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND THIS OFFENSIVE! If you do not like to read about problems such as suicide or cutting, then DO NOT READ THIS POEM. Thank you. Now, here it is:


I'm so hurt
I'm shakin' all over
the earth is shattered
im broken inside
i dont know why
i feel this way
im so scared
and i need comfort but there's nowhere to turn
nowhere but the knife
and scared as i am
i do it anyways
and then im more scared
but still i do it
and just for a moment
it hurts
and then im better
only its like crack
or ecstasy
i can't stop
i wanna so bad
but what im doin' scares me
scares me so bad
cause i dont wanna hurt no more
but im hurtin' inside
and ill be damned if i know why
but now i gotta hurt
on the outside?
it's not fair
life's not fair
and i guess i gotta learn
but till i find somewhere else
to turn
ill turn to the knife
and scare me it might
but it's my only friend
because even if it dont last forever
it takes some of the pain away
and even if i dont wanna do it no more
i know i will
cause its like the hurt
that i want to go away
It's not fair
but no one cares
so i turn to the knife