Night Journey

As I walk this endless road, the split of right and wrong

I sort the things inside my head, put them where they belong

The good, the light, the right, the pure, they go upon the right

The bad, the dark, the wrong, the evil, they rest within the night

And as I sort these endless thoughts, I see something is wrong

Because now I see, the dark in me, has grown so very strong

And as it grows the light in me, will fade into the night

Though I will my inner good, to not give up the fight

But no matter how I want the light, in me to overcome

I know for now that my days, within the light are done

For now the road ahead of me, turns into the night

And I fear I'll never see, what was upon my right

Now I walk this endless road, through overwhelming dark

I fear the darkness in my soul has already left its mark

But on I go through this night, hoping for the end

Because the dark in me is strong, my heart it starts to rend

Yet sometimes within the dark, I see a small bright light

And I hope that it will lead, through the endless night

Because if I make it through this night, this dark that fights my soul

Then I know that my heart will be for once and truly whole.