Ah, I remember living in that shell

For all those long years that seem like nothing now.

And so they are nothing,

From where I now live,

But even so, they felt like something at the time,

And I tried to make use of that something as best I could.

Yes, my life and I were both far from perfect,

And many times I tried to take it in the wrong direction.

I remember days, months, and years that I wasted,

That I gave to the service of sin and complacency.

Yet I also remember second chances—

And third, and fourth, and quite a few more—

And often found myself thankful for His sacrifice

That enabled forgiveness and redemption.

And so I lived my life, sometimes ashamed of my imperfections,

But knowing that mere faith and effort were enough.

This is how a sinful, arrogant fool like myself

Ended up with a loving, wonderful family,

An overall happy and prosperous life,

And an undeserved gift that is beyond all measure.

So having left my regrets and shame far, far below on earth,

I now have lived here for thousands of years,

And will continue to live, abundantly so, for many more years to come.

Here and now, in eternal fellowship, joy, and communion,

I truly do rest in peace.