The Fall of a Tyrant

Written By Scottish Princess


Zineros the Dragon created everything. He created the earth: the mountains, hills, and valleys, the rivers, lakes, ponds and oases, all manner of vegetation and plants and an overabundance of birds, mammals, and fish.There were also gods that Zineros created and appointed under him: Sandrine, goddess of life and death; Swen, god of weather; Valamar, sun goddess; Odilion, god of the harvest; Hervé, the fertility goddess; Casimir, god of the hunt.

After creating all of that, Zineros decided to create every other race and more of his own race, as well. He created the Humans and gave them their Kingdom of Tedis and First King Taygall to rule it. He created the Elves and gave them their Kingdom of Calnoré and First King Baldric to rule it. He created the Dwarves and gave them the Glimorath Mountains and the mindset to set up their own ruler.

Zineros created the Griffins and gave them their Aerie and First Chief Marab to rule it. He created the Unicorns and gave them their Territory and First Queen Mystic to rule it. He created the Centaurs and the Goblins as warnings to the different Races that they could not just live however they liked without danger close by. Most Centaurs were good, though some took it upon themselves to keep the other Races in submission. The Goblins were all inherently evil, without a speck of goodness in them. They constantly preyed upon unsuspecting travelers and anyone who strayed beyond the safety of their borders.

The last things that Zineros created were more Dragons. Many Dragons of different sizes, colors, and personalities were formed to inhabit Dragon Mountain, Dragon Island and the entirety of the Dragonlands.

For the next 150, 800 years, Zineros just sat back and watched everything he had created, letting it all run its own course. It wasn't until about forty-seven years before this story begins that he decided to intervene. At this point Zineros was 150, 847 years old, according to the date of Creation.