Full summary: When Lora moved back to her hometown in Connecticut she thought things were going to go smooth, she had her café'& her best friend jenny was visiting. Everything was great right? Except the string of brutal murders that ties all of the victims are tied to one man, Paul Gaurdie. But is he the real killer, or is something far more sinister at work?

PRO. "The Pawns"

A dark figure walks by itself, foot steps echoing of the pavement of the dark, empty street. The vicious smirk the only thing to hint at what the person had just done. Screams erupt from a neighboring house and lights flicker on one, by one. The figure walks just a little bit faster, the smirk staying as the person in black faded away into the dark night.


November 24th, 2006

"Around midnight last night, a young woman in her early twenties was found lying at the bottom of her staircase dead. Authorities say that it looks like the victim, Melissa Butcher; was going downstairs to get something and simply tripped down the stairs to her death. On other news a string of murders has..."

"How stupid is that, death by staircase! That up there with drowning and being burned alive, all stupid ways to die." Lora Marx replied after hearing the morning news. Lora was of average height, a dark haired, hazel-blue eyed beauty. She usually laughed at the news.

"Hey be nice, someone died you know. I admit it's not one of the better ways to die but at least be courteous of the dead." Jenny Vallnez answered her friend. Jenny was slightly taller than Lora, with a lighter color of brown hair than her friend; her dark eyes always searching for something through her glasses.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Listen I have to go to work early today, wanna come with me, I'll give you a discount on breakfast?" Lora teased.

"What a five cent discount, no thanks. I'll have breakfast with some other friend who won't charge $6 for a coffee." Jenny said while gathering her bags. Lora hugged her as she stepped out the door.

"It's good to see you again, this time stay more than a few days in Connecticut will you? I finally get to move back here after 6 years and you move out, that's not right." Lora laughed as jenny waved her away. "How long are you going to be at the store today?" Jenny called from her rented car.

"Until 5:00, why?" Lora shouted back. Her expression showed worry, jenny was up to something.

"I'll come and get you than, WE have plans tonight. WE are going to go to the mall." Jenny's smirk stretched far across her face.

"If WE, were just going to the mall you wouldn't have that creepy ass smirk on your face right now. If this ends up being one of your attempts to bring me into civilization you're going to be in big trouble!"

Jenny just shook her head, laughing as she drove away from her friends place at 81 Bear Path Road. Since I came here to visit things have sure been interesting. Jenny thought.

Lora has her Cafe' open and even got her old house back, mom and dad still haven't finished renovations on the house...

She adjusted the heat in the car again and noticed that the feeling in her hands had started to come back. "Damn, I just wish it wasn't so cold around this time." She popped a CD in and began listening to journey as she drove to meet her parents for a small welcome home breakfast.

Lora had just finished cleaning up the dishes from last night's party when she heard something on the news that made her pause.

"Police are saying that all of the victims so far have been in some sort of contact with Mr. Paul Gaurdie, a computer technician from File Torrent US, one of the computer companies that will soon be taking the place of Microsoft. Mr. Gaurdie states that he has not had contact with any of those women in years and firmly denies having anything to do with their deaths."

"That name …. Hey wait isn't that jenny's ex?"

AN: There have been a few changes made in my story, I have added dates to the chapter so you can see a time line of the story.