Chapter 5

"Something Sweet and Something Bitter"

December 6th, 2006

(Mid Day)

Green eyes blinked open slowly, almost sluggishly. Light brown hair matted with blood flopped over the left side of her face. She tried moving her arms but found that she could not control them. Blinking again, she turned her head; looking for her arms which were strapped tightly onto some kind of board. A soft 'whoosh' and something sharp pierced her right ear.

"Damn I missed! I never was any good at darts."

Another dart was thrown and embedded itself into one of the woman's arms, she screamed. "Oh, by the way... I'm not throwing these normally." Four more darts flew at the woman each three of them piercing tender spots on her body. The last one however, landed in the middle of her neck cutting off a scream as blood pooled in her mouth. She began to thrash wildly as her oxygen ran out.

Laughter rang throughout the small room and more darts were let loose. There really wasn't all that much time for fun that afternoon so the death of Kelly Wagner had to be cut short.

"As they say, 'short but sweet'."

Many more darts were released, and like the flame of a candle, Kelly Wagner's life was snuffed out.


December 6th, 2006

Stretching languidly, Lora walked through her house's patio door. There was no reason that anyone had to see her in the condition that she was in, that's what her privacy fence was for. Ronan growled softly as she shut the back door.

"Hush Ronan! It's just me." she reached out to pet him but thought better of it until she had cleaned up, she was not going to give him a bath just because her hands were dirty. Walking calmly over to her kitchen sink she used her left elbow to turn the knob until cold water jetted out of the sink faucet. She began to hum softly as she poured liquid soap over her hands.


Jenny bid goodbye to her parents and got back into her rental car. It was still freezing outside so she was forced to turn on the heat. Her slightly numb hands gripped the steering wheel with more force than was necessary. Her thoughts drifted from one subject to another never stopped until she realized that she was at Lora's already. Sighing she unbuckled her seat belt and shut the car off.

Pulling out the extra key Lora had given her she walked up the rest of the driveway nearly missing a patch of ice on her front steps. Walking through the front door and closing it gently she headed further into the house.

"Lora? Where are you I know that you home your car is- Oh god what happened! You're covered in blood?!" Jenny rushed to Lora's side.

Lora didn't so much as flinch as Jenny approached, she just kept washing her hands in the kitchen sink. As Jenny got closer she couldn't see a wound on Lora. Jenny stopped and looked at Lora questioningly.

After a moment Jenny backed away a look of shock on her features. "You ARE the killer! You-" Lora walked over to her and put a hand on the door that Jenny had been trying to secretly open. "But you killed all of those people..."

"Come on Jenny, we both know that you had wanted them all dead at some point or another, and I left Sam alone." Lora said sounding frustrated.

"Yes I had wanted them dead, but I didn't go and do it!" Jenny inched her way away from Lora, deciding it was safer to sit in a chair on the other side of the kitchen. "And you never could have killed Samantha..." she answered softly. She watched as Lora frowned at her and sat on top of her kitchen counter.

"You can't expect to get away with this can you?" Jenny asked almost hesitantly. "Oh yes I can, we frame them."

"We?! That will never work, you can't' possibly-"

"Don't you see Jenny? It's perfect! Flawless even, nobody will ever figure it out. Ethan is just some guy who goes nuts after having his life ruined by Paul, who I set up by the way. He goes killing all of Paul's ex girlfriends to get back at him, to make him suffer and shockingly discovers that his girlfriend's best friend is a person he has to kill, and he decides to do it anyway. But what he doesn't expect is for said 'girlfriend' to jump in the way and take the bullet for her friend. In his grief for shooting her, not knowing that she was still alive, he turns the gun on himself." Lora exclaimed almost excitedly.

Jenny watched her friend give her a small smirk and she shivered. "You're... You're sick you know that?" Lora cocked her head (sideways) "But you're still my best friend, and I did tell you all those years ago that I would kill him for you, Paul I mean. I just used the women as a cover..." Jenny looked at her hands as a few tears escaped her eyes. "I know..." her hands gripped the fabric of her pants tightly as Lora draped an arm around her shoulder.

"You're still my best friend..." Jenny said quietly, Lora smiled triumphantly but said nothing. They could talk more later; they still had to go over the story completely or they might mess up. Things would get better once Jenny realized it had all been for the best.

Placing her hand in her pocket she winced as something sharp poked her in the palm of her hand. Grasping the object she pulled it out of her jacket and smiled softly while gazing at a large blue dart.


"Can I help you Miss?" A young woman, who looked not a day over 20, asked. Lora looked up from the section she was currently in. Her eyes rested on the woman's name tag for a moment before she spoke.

"Oh no, I'm fine. Thank you." the girl smiled and walked away. "Kelly, huh. Seems like everyone who works here is named Kelly." Lora smirked as she held the different sized dart packages. One was filled with normal sized, blue and red colored darts. The second package, which was slightly more expensive, held larger yellow and blue colored darts.

"I like the yellow and blue ones i think... they'll be perfect for the job. Bigger is better in my book. At least today anyway." walking through the rest of that section she headed off into the direction of the tools smirking almost sadistically as she went.

(End flashback)

Placing the blue dart back in her pocket she stayed seated and waited for Jenny to compose herself, than all the games would come to an end.


Around three hours later, putting the time at around 4:57 pm, Ethan Parker got a phone call.

"Hello, Ethan here."

He could hear harsh breathing on the other end and wondered if this was someone's idea of a joke.

"Ethan... You have to get over here quick... he's here... oh god he going to kill us...


"Your call has been lost, please hang up and dial the number-"

"Lora..." He stood up abruptly, leaving his cell phone open on the table as he grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door. He knew where Lora would be at this time on a Wednesday afternoon. And it sounded like the killer had know as well, he just hoped that he got to them before one or both of them got murdered. He wasn't sure if he could survive losing Lora after everything they had started.


Ethan quickly vacated his car and ran to Lora's front door, pushing the door open he didn't bother knocking. He searched through the house but found no sign of Lora or Jenny. He almost missed the back door being open a-jar, almost. He stepped outside and wasn't prepared for a needle that was jabbed into his leg. Stumbling forward for a few steps he turned around to see Lora wearing a grim smile.

"Lora! What's going on?" he had to stop moving; his vision was getting a little blurry. Lora only grabbed his hand and dragged him a little further into the yard, a spot where the fence around her house would conceal their activities. He started to struggle so she bound his hands. It was enough to make him stand still having to use all of his energy to stay upright now that she wasn't holding onto his arm.

He saw Jenny sitting on a small grassy lump of earth near the patio door. She said nothing and wasn't looking at him or anywhere near him.

"Are you ready Jenny?" Jenny nodded her head at Lora's voice.

Lora walked over and pushed Ethan to the ground, the sedative making it easy for her. She brought his face up to hers as she spoke.

"I'm sorry Ethan, I really did like you." She kissed him and let his head fall gently to the ground. Releasing his bindings, she threw the cords into the bushes of the next yard.

Jenny watched in morbid fascination as her best friend continued on with what would be the best cover up of all time, she doubted that those idiot police would ever figure out that it was Lora who had killed all those women. She hoped they never would.

Lora walked over to her friend with a small smirk and bound her wrists and ankles with rope.

No, the only people who would know about the cover up were right here; two of them would never tell, the other, would never get a chance to.

Taking a gun out of her jeans waistband, Lora turned back to Ethan. His eyes silently watched her; still too out of it to really do anything. Oh how she loved modern day medicine.

Taking his hands she placed them around the gun and aimed it at herself and pulled the trigger. Falling backwards onto the ground she groaned.

"That… hurt…" she mumbled. "Hope I got the right spot or I'll be dead before the police get here." She laughed.

"That is NOT funny Lora!" Jenny snapped at her. Lora flipped her off and ignored her.

Crawling back over to Ethan she helped him pick up the gun again. "Goodbye Ethan..." A single tear made its way down her cheek as she looked into his eyes and saw confusion, betrayal even. She pulled the trigger.

Wincing, she stood up and left the gun resting half in Ethan's hand and half on the ground. She took off the surgical gloves and placed them in a hole on the other side of the fence. The hole went very deep; and was now covered up with its original soil.

"It's done... now we wait."

December 7th, 2006

"In an astonishing twist we come to find out that Mr. Gaurdie has become one of the victims in this sick and twisted game of love and deceit. Jenny Vallnez and Mr. Gaurdie's current girlfriend are the only survivors out of almost 23 women Gaurdie had dated since high school.

Jenny Vallnez's best friend, Lora Marx, is also a survivor; having been shot in the defense of her friend. No word has been released as to the identity of this man, the only thing known is that he was the one behind all of-"

Soft laughter erupted from the bedside by the window. "I told you that they would believe us…"


Things you may not have noticed, ending one edition.

(In chapter four, "still sleeping" is a clue for ending one where Lora drugs Ethan (the first time) so she can go off and kill and the drug only lasts a certain amount of time thus she was on a schedule as said in end of the carnival death scene)

AN: Well I hope you enjoyed the ending of "The Cherry Blossom". Watch out for the revised version of this story, and as of right now ending two is on hold. :)